CFCC Associate in Fine Arts – Printmaking

The most practical applications are all around us, you know, t-shirts, business cards, greeting cards, flyers for your bands. Everything we see printed is…comes from a block or comes from a stencil. It’s almost a craft more than an art form. But, then again, it’s a craft that delivers art. Printmaking along with, like, all of the classes and the Art Department at Cape Fear… for the price that you’re getting these classes, you can’t beat it. You have the tools and materials provided for you. Hands on experience with an expert. And, just the absolute best time, and that stands for everything. It’s meditative when I have the design the design’s on the wood and then it’s just the carving. You have to mean it to make a mark since you’re hacking away at wood. I’m color blind so when I’m painting I have to ask somebody if it’s the right color or something, but this, you know, it’s solid black, solid white, high contrast so, I don’t know, it’s, it’s something that I can see and I, can see well so, I really enjoy making it. I look at what I have in front of me today and it’s like I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I didn’t get into, you know, school and such. And just that they have a program like this where I can, come to the museum with committed professors like Mr. B and everybody else in the Art Department, and, just come bust this out. I’m Ben Billingsley. I’m an Art Instructor at Cape Fear Community College. I’ve been here since 2001. With Printmaking, you’re making a plate or a block. You’re making what we call a matrix that you can apply ink to. The Ink Is then printed onto paper and you can do that, in some cases, almost infinitely. So I can go from having one Image as a drawing, I can translate that into a print and make 30 Or 40 of them. So, I can keep one for myself. I can give one to my Mom and I can sell the rest. Once they see that they could make cards: business cards, greeting cards, logos. It starts To become something that feeds the entrepreneurial side of their thinking, as well. They’re working in here constantly. It feels more like an Art School than it ever did before and I think that’s making the students work harder and it’s making them, I think, more proud of what they’re accomplishing. It really is about getting them from here to University and on to a job. And I think that they can see the value of it.

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