Charli XCX Explains Why Her Charli Cover Art Isn’t the Most Revealing Part of the Album

-Welcome to the show.
It’s great to have you back. You’ve been on our show
a number of times, but we’ve never actually
talked or chatted. -I know. I’m a bit nervous.
-You are? -Yeah. -Congrats on the record,
by the way. -Thank you.
-I’m psyched about this one. I want to talk about this. We couldn’t — This is
the cover, but it’s — -The censored version.
No boobs, yeah. -Yeah. Yeah, we weren’t allowed to
show that — -It’s all good.
-Oh, okay, good, yeah. -Don’t worry about it.
-Okay, good. ‘Cause last time
you were here, though, you performed with Troye Sivan. -Yes.
-You did — [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah. And there’s so many other
collaborations on this album. You have Troye Sivan.
You have Lizzo. -Yep.
-Lizzo — [ Cheers and applause ]
-Whoo! -And the video,
by the way, for “1999,” you dress up as some
iconic ’90s characters, and you really made me laugh. Like, if you didn’t see
the video, you get to see Charli
as all of the Spice Girls, which I thought was awesome that
you just pulled that off. But my favorite one
was you as Steve Jobs. -Yes. That’s my
favorite one, too. -It actually fits you.
It was really cool. -Cool. Thanks. I wore the wig, like,
all through the lunch shoot — like, through the lunch break. I wouldn’t take the wig off.
-Really? -Yeah. And I was, like,
walking around in the high-waisted jeans and kind
of doing the, like, hand thing. It was cool.
-Yeah. -Steve’s got swag, so — -No, you can pull off
any look if you want. Let’s talk about
the record, though. You said that this one
is your most personal album. -Yes. Yeah, totally. I feel like on this album —
whereas, you know, before, I’ve spoken about
relationships and partying, which is, like,
my favorite thing to do ever. On this one…
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. Shots.
-Yeah. -On this one,
it’s kind of, like, delved more into my
kind of mental health and my sort of insecurities and my kind of feelings
on anxiety and stuff. It just kind of happened in a
very natural way. And, yeah, I’m really
proud of the album. -Yeah, you’ve evolved — [ Cheers and applause ] You’ve evolved from
your MySpace songs. -Oh, no! -Oh, yeah,
I know about those, yeah. -What was the one —
Is it “Dinosaur Sex”? -Yes. Whoo! -I’m sorry to bring these up,
but come on. -Yeah, yeah. “Dinosaur Sex.”
-Own it. -That was — I’m owning it. Yeah, that one went
something like… ♪ T. rex ♪
♪ Dinosaur sex ♪ ♪ Watch me roar ♪
♪ Watch me roar ♪ ♪ Watch me be like a dinosaur ♪ -Come on. That is —
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s an anthem.
-Yeah. -That is an anthem.
-Smash hit right there. -Pal, I’m so happy
every time I see you. And what song are you going to
sing for us tonight? -I’m gonna sing with
Christine and the Queens, and we’re going to perform
our song, “Gone.” -Oh, it’s a beautiful song.
It’s great. I love Christine and the Queens.
-Yeah. -We love you too, pal.
Charli XCX. Her new album, “Charli,”
is available now.


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