Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids (and Adults!) || Art and Craft Supplies for Kids

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show art and craft supply gift
ideas for kids and adults, too. It’s a mix of items I got for my nieces and
nephew as presents for this Christmas and things they’ve gotten before and some of these
are just my own supplies that I think kids could also use and like. So, even though these are mainly gift ideas
for kids, some of them are definitely for adults as well. I’ll try to link all of the items below, so
you can find them, if you’re interested. And if I can’t find them online, I’ll at least
write where I got them from. This rock painting set was a complete impulse
buy, but it looks like fun. It comes with paints, a brush, some wobbly
eyes and even glue varnish and the rocks are included. And it’s recommended for ages 5 and up. I’ve tried painting rocks with acrylics before
and I know the rocks need to be smooth and light so that the paint will actually show
up and that you can paint something detailed on them. So, I like it that the rocks are actually
included in the package. I don’t know if they’re white rocks of if
they’ve been primed with something. And I can’t open the box to check it, because
this one will be a Christmas gift. The next item is finger paints. The package says it’s for 2 year olds and
up. The last time I got finger paints for my nephew
and my older niece, we used them to decorate brown wrapping paper. Next up is this stamp set from Tiger. There are six different stamps with flowers
and a butterfly and a heart and different colors of stamp pads. This set is like 5 years old and the stamp
pads are quite dry. But the stamps can still be used with other
stamp pads. I got this do-it-yourself jigsaw puzzle from
also Tiger, or maybe it’s called Flying Tiger Copenhagen now, that’s what the website says. Anyway, it’s a blank jigsaw puzzle. You might give this as a gift blank like this,
but it might also be fun to draw outlines on it yourself and then the kid can color
it in and then use it as a puzzle. So, it becomes a coloring puzzle. The RenArt Trio Magic and Colorsplitz pens
are from a trip to Gran Canaria. These are kind of like magic markers. The Trio Magic pens have 3 tips in one pen
with different colors so you can draw with multiple colors at once. And both Trio markers and ColorSplitz markers
change color when you draw over them with the white activator pen (but normal markers
won’t change color, I tried it). It takes a little while to learn the technique
with Trio markers and you have to draw slowly and carefully to make symmetric shapes. And remember to let the colored markers dry
before you use the white activator on them. The age recommendation on the Trio Magic pens
is 6+, but I think the ColorSplitz pens are easy to use even for younger children. You can check out the RenArt website for which
stores sell their products. I think at least some of their products are
sold in the US now, too. If I can find these on Amazon, I’ll also add
those links below. I will mention that it’s been over two years
since I got these and the Trio pens are kind of dried out. I tried reviving them in warm water and it
helped a little, but they don’t work as well anymore as in the footage I’m showing here. The Colorsplitz ones are still fine. Besides finger paints, watercolors are good
paints for kids, since they’re water soluble and you can wipe them off if they mess up
the table or something. These watercolors were from Tiger and they
came with a brush. Children can of course start by painting on
normal copy paper, but it’s a lot nicer painting on something thicker. So, I got this cheap watercolor paper block. The papers are not very thick, but they’re
thicker than copy paper so they won’t soak as badly as copy paper. This watercolor paper is also smooth and I
think it would work nicely for sugar watercolor painting. You can do that with kids, no painting skills
are needed. I’ve posted a video on how to do it. My niece and I also painted Easter eggs with
watercolors last Spring and I think they turned out nice. Acrylic paints are also easy enough for kids
to use. You can dilute them with water like you do
with watercolors. These are Crelando acrylic paints from Lidl. They are cheap, hobby quality paints, but
to be honest these are the acrylic paints I use myself, too. I just want to mention that acrylic paints
can be really difficult to clean when they dry, so do protect the table etc. when painting. By the way, if you don’t know what Lidl is. It’s a grocery store chain, but they also
sell things like art and craft supplies and the stock changes every week. So, if you go into Lidl now, I don’t know
if you’ll find any of the Crelando or Marabu products I’m showing you in this video. It’s likely that they’ll bring them back sometime,
but it might happen weeks or months later. You can find some of them online, too. Crelando also makes these acrylic spray paints. They can be used to paint backgrounds, you
can also let the colors mix together. Here I tried them on a craft egg for an Easter
wreath. These are United Office gel pens from Lidl. They can be used for writing, drawing and
coloring. There are metallic colors, neon colors and
glitter pens as well. The metallic and glitter ones are all different
colors, but there are only 6 different neon colors so there are two of some of the colors. There’s a black pen, but no white pen, which
I thought was dissappointing. Talking about coloring, I also got this coloring
journey to Asia book quite a while ago. I’ve been holding onto it and waiting for
my niece to be a little older so she can appreciate it more, ’cause this is a really beautiful
coloring book. Parts of the images have already been colored
in either with patterns or a flat color. And there’s these holes, where the page underneath
will show through. I was looking through this doll house book
by Vivienne Boulton, looking for craft ideas with my niece. This book has ideas on doll house items you
can make with cardboard, candy wrappers, tape and wire, which I thought would be nice and
easy to make. But for some reason my niece was only interested
in the little dishes and foods that are made out of clay. So, I got this air drying clay so we can try
it out. You can mold it, let it dry and then paint
it and varnish it. And obviously you have to seal the leftover
package so that it doesn’t dry on its own. I also have these colored polymer clays that
you have to bake in the oven. I’ve used the copper one to make pendants
before. Next up are these Crelando pastel chalks from
Lidl. They’re water soluble so you draw with them
and then blend them with a wet brush and use them like watercolors. They do break easily though, I think I broke
one of them the first time I used them. These Marabu wax crayons are similar. You can turn the crayon drawing into a watercolor
painting with a wet brush. These were from Lild, but I think you can
get them online, too. There were sets with different colors. This one has gold, silver, blue, brown, black
and white. This is a paper craft punch set you can use
to decorate the edges of cards by cutting different shaped holes in them and you can
use the cut out pieces as decorations as well and glue them onto things. This one is by Crelando, from Lidl. It has the pliers and 10 different hole punches
you can attach to the pliers. And it’s recommened for ages 4 and up. The textile markers are from Ikea. There are six colors: red, yellow, green,
blue, purple and black. I haven’t tried these yet, but the instructions
say you should wash the fabric first. If you’re dawing on something like a T-shirt
or a bag, put cardboard between the layers to not mess up the other side. Let the drawing dry for an hour, turn the
T-shirt etc. inside out and iron from the back side and then wash it. I used to have textile markers as a child
and I remember drawing on blank pillow cases with them and it was really fun. I’ve tried fabric paints later on, but I think
the pens might be easier for kids. This one is another impulse buy. It’s a writing set with pencils, colored pencils,
gel pens, an eraser, a sharpener, a little notebook and a ruler. I might hold on to it ’till my niece goes
to school and give it to her then. Finally, I wanted to mention that I updated
my ethnic girl coloring calendar for 2018 and it’s now available in my Etsy shop. It’s a printable calendar so when you buy
it, you’ll get a PDF download you can print out. You can also use it as a gift. Thanks for watching!

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