City of Kingston – Inside our City – Ep. 4 – YGK Street Art Wall

Hi, I’m JC Kenny, Welcome to Inside our City
A show by the City about the community. We are at the Street Art Wall at Doug Fluhrer
Park this morning. And Taylor Norris what are you doing? [Taylor] Well I’m documenting
the wall! [JC] Okay, and Taylor Norris, we didn’t just happen apon her today, we’re talking
to you about the wall. Taylor is the public art coordinator for the City. Taylor, tell
us about this amazing piece of artwork here. [Taylor] Yes, so this is actually a Shane
Goudreau from 2017, from the on the wall event – which helped to initiate and get everything
into motion for creating this street art wall. Which is essentially a sanctioned free space
for community members to come and create murals and street art. [JC] How lovely, and we will
see quite a bit of the art as we talk this morning Taylor. Are there rules and guidelines? [Taylor] There are! yes. There are rules and guidelines that have been established for
the use of the wall. They are posted on signage here at the wall, and also on our website.
Basically we just ask that participants paint during daylight hours and they take all of
their waste with them, and not leave any paint or materials in the park. [JC] Okay, and anyone
can use it? [Taylor] Anyone can use it yes! You don’t need to be an established artist
you don’t need to be a street artist or a mural artist. If you want to come and experiment
with the medium, if you want to try new things, if you want to experiment with the scale!
or just painting outside, then we encourage every artist from every walk of life to come. [JC] Fantastic! Taylor Norris, you explained that beautifully, and come down and see it,
it’s at Douglas Fluhrer park, I’m JC Kenny, we’re so glad you could join us for another
edition of Inside out City

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