Clear Artwork Resin ( totalCAST ) made by Eli-Chem

hi there I’m Sabina from le cam resins and today we are privileged to be here at the White Cliffs gallery in Weybridge Surrey this is one of the UK’s most successful art galleries as it carries works from the world’s leading artists we asked if we could video on you total cast art progressing here and they said yes come on let’s dive right in follow me hi – lovely to see you again nice to be you know it’s good to be back I’ve been working a lot with total cars lately and I can’t wait to show you just how fantastic it is Wow okay can we see you in action total cost is our latest clear resin for artists it is a hybrid material that combines the latest developments in polymer technology this is our clearest and safest resin ever to show how crystal-clear total cast is you are looking through a half-inch thick disc welcome to the next level of clear artwork resins before you work with any resin you should observe good industrial hygiene make sure you have good ventilation and wear gloves always cover your work surface to prevent spills and mess ensure your artwork is level you don’t need a face mask or respirator because this new resin has no smell at all and is non-toxic it’s also BOC free and solvent free and it’s incredible how crystal clear both resin and hardener bottles are the clever technical people in the lab have also added air release agents that expel the bubbles better than any other resin and total cast needs less heat to give a perfect finish the guys at Le cam have made a very safe and user-friendly product here here’s the equipment you will need to get working with total cost total cast clear artwork resin and hardener mixing tool comes free with the kit plastic mixing jug or container blow torch or heat gun cloth in case of spillage protect work surface from spills plastic sheeting is ideal disposable gloves your artwork okay let’s get started measure out equal parts of resin and hardener in a one to one mix ratio mix for 2 to 3 minutes scrape the inside walls of the mixing jug while stirring pour the resin over your artwork see how the colors come alive brighter and more vivid the resin is self leveling but can be dragged to the edges using a flat edged spreader apply heat over the resin surface to remove mixing bubbles the curing time will be 4 to 8 hours depending on ambient temperature there’s our finished piece wow that’s amazing and it’s so simple to do the benefits of total cost are can be used on all art surfaces canvas wood MDF die bond and photographs it can also be used to cover acrylic paint oil paints watercolors and enamels cutting edge polymer technology do see free no volatile organic compounds so it’s safe solvent free zero odour non-flammable non-toxic simple mix ratio non-yellowing properties can be shipped by air sea or road freight better optical clarity the hardener is as clear as the resin less bubbles the additives or air release agents expel the air from the resin even better UV protection more environmentally conscious and user-friendly total cost is just the start of your resin art journey it’s a great resin to add pigment too why not try out our resident for some great effects res eaten is a range of polymer pigments and currently there are 17 colors available simply add some drops to your total cast mix and apply to your art surface once you’ve pigmented your resin it’s time to check out our latest arrival ready blast rezi blast is a single part interference media that reacts with wet colored resin to create stunning unique effects if you are new to resin art and want an easy and cost-effective way to test it out and take a look at our twin pack set a tester pack with this unique system there is no need to measure the two parts it’s all done for you just squash open and pour very clever to find out more about le cam and our great range of products please see our website and social media pages for more information thank you you

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