Coal Authority – How to use additional drawing tools when ordering mining reports

hello and welcome to this video tutorial
on how to use the additional tools when drawing your boundary let’s look at the
options in the Digi-right map widget you can adjust the position of a boundary
using the drag feature option click on the option and click anywhere within the
boundary and hold your left mouse button down and drag the whole area will move
with your mouse if you need to delete the boundary click on the delete option click anywhere on the property boundary a message will appear to make sure that
you want to delete click yes and the boundary will disappear you can
also draw a circle boundary rather than a polygon for example if you are
ordering a mining report for a plot within a development click on draw a
boundary in the widget see how advanced map tools appears below
click the + symbol at the right-hand side an option for draw circle appears
click on the box move your cursor onto the screen and
click where you wish the centre of your circle to appear hold down your mouse
button and drag out the circle to the size you need when you are finished let go of your mouse button and the
circle will turn blue if you are happy with the boundary click on the blue next
button in the bottom right hand side of the screen you can see some information
about your boundary in the map widget look for map information and click the +
symbol this opens up the information and you can see how many boundaries have
been drawn the total area and the total length now let’s have a look drawing a
linear feature such as the road if during your address you’re ticked that
the search is for a linear feature the option will display as draw a line click
your mouse on screen to start drawing your line add points as required and when
your line is complete double-click on the screen the next
button has now turned blue if you are happy with the line click the button to
carry on ordering your report if you have any further questions please
contact the team

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