Collage Art Porträt, Abstract, Acryl, Anleitung, Tutorial, Spatula

Today I’ll show you how to make a collage. i took an old canvas at first, you are looking for a picture from a magazine stick your picture on an canvas Remember, protect the paper with the glue. A Precise instructions for examining, sticking you find in the tutorial on the Canal. (Look into the Info-Box). When the picture has dried, mix matching colors. i pay attention to the skin color, eye color and the color of the mouth Apply the color with the spatula. Blur the color with your fingers. that is fun I want it more colorful I try a lot Your can easily scrape off lines with the handle of the brush with the damp cloth, you can wipe the paint again I can wipe the surface well
because I have sealed them with glue I draw lines with the edge of the spatula I miss a warm color I mix a lot of water in the paint blue, like eye color pull the skin tone back into the surface, so that the subject is not so delimited. a few color speckles fit well and loosen the surface on. you can still change the style – with the template or other text I take an orange shade (cadmium orange) continue experimenting add water take water to bring the color up and running write with white acrylic pen and with a black acrylic pen

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