Connecting the Dots! Drawing In My Sketchbook

Hello everybody and welcome back again I’ve started another sketchbook after I finished the other one and I’m already 40 pages into the next sketchbook and There’s about a hundred and ten pages and I did 40 drawings in two days which I think that’s the most joy that I’ve done and maybe two years or the most drawings I’ve ever done in my entire life within a span of 24 hours or 48 hours, but You know a lot of sketches and doodles you’ll be seeing a lot of videos now if it wants them wild it Though, there’ll be like two minutes long, maybe three minutes or less Because there is little doodles. They don’t like take me maybe 30 minutes to draw or last 20 minutes sometimes So there’d be a couple of those. I guess that was kind of a the opposite warning of each other I said that coming up soon now, I have a bunch of videos of short videos sometimes I guess it wouldn’t really make any sense but anyways Today’s going pretty good. Just got home from working and I’m going to eat drink myself some tea and the tea that I have is a peppermint flavor and then I put green tea in it and then I’m gonna drink that that gives me kind of wakes me up a little bit and Helps me get focused but I’ve got a lot more drawings to do I’m gonna I want to see if I can finish the entire sketchbook within the next I would say under Within two weeks because I’ve got all the things I’m working on But if I can get it done in two weeks, I will be pretty happy about that But I hope you enjoyed this strange duel and got any questions. Go ahead Let me know in the comments down below and I’ll see you in the next little You have a good day

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