Cool Art Supplies You Need To Try 2018! Natalies Outlet

Hey, I’m Natalie and today I’m showing you some incredible art supplies that you me like and Speaking of art. I have a really exciting announcement for you guys mech is now live!! I have poured my heart and soul into creating the perfect pieces for you guys They’re so cute and comfy and a little piece of me that I want to give to you I’m obsessed about everything in the collection and I literally wear it If you’re lazy like me, but you still want to look cute. This is the collection for you Today is the first day It is out to all of you my loving Subscribers that I love so much you can buy it now at Which I’ll link it for you down below. Let me know in the comments Which of the pieces is your favorite and when you get your pieces make sure your Instagram page and tag me and you could be Featured on our page. I cannot wait to see them on you Thank you so so much for your support artists and none of this would be possible without your love and support Click the link below and go shop right now or go to my website and get your pieces, but wait also another exciting things I’m gonna be going on tour with wengie and karina garcia I’m so excited I get to meet all of you and we’re fortunate enough to have jell-o as one of the sponsors for the creator summit or Thanks to jello for making this tour possible and for keeping me creative this summer If you haven’t bought your tickets buy it now and go to create your summer tour calm or the link in the description Can’t wait to see you This really cool pen literally made my jaw drop the very first time that I ever saw it’s a 3d art pen that allows you To draw in the air here are some of the supplies that it comes with and you will need to connect it to something so that it charges it also comes with all these little tools so that you don’t get burned here are the fun colors and The first step is to insert the color of your choice Then press down with a little triangle button to ensure that it goes through I took a 3d art template from online and pretty much just trace everything with the black color This can be a little tricky and requires practice But the idea to me that I can create something that actually comes to life out of paper is just crazy So once it’s nice and dry all you’re gonna do is just remove it off of the paper and it’s very normal for some pieces Of paper to get stuck on it. Just remove them off I also took another color to be able to attach the sides and I think it turned out really really cool and Bam, you have your cool? the art in this case glasses Where is art supply is a 3d shadow pen. There’s two colors in one making it really great to spice up any words It’s also very easy to views even though it may seem a little bit strange to have to write with two colors I think it’s neat that it also has the effect that it’s almost like the paper and the words are popping out of it without The effort of having to add in any dimension a little quick hack that I learned is that you can still write with each individual Color you just have to tilt it to the red or to the blue side. These are much Jayam I’m already obsessed with sharpies as it is But now there’s non sharpies like what which they look amazing on their own but wait until we turn off the lights these are literally perfect to decorate any boring notebook and I just decided to add lines dots and designs which may not seem like a Lot, but again wait until we turn off the lights. So this is what it looks like with a black light on Wow I know super neat comment below what you guys think about this one? I’m obsessed with it and literally want to revamp all of my school supplies like right now No idea there was such thing as black post-its which makes it that much more fun because again, You can use neon colors like these solar gel pens just to switch things up from the ordinary also Buy my merch Natalie’s outlet shop and take a picture of yourself with it on to be featured on our Instagram page You guys should go follow it right now I can’t wait to like and share all of your pictures and just like show you guys so much love. I love you guys So much So these were old school chalk They’re messy Honestly kind of boring and that’s the easiest thing to work with you can get all over your clothes and for a lot of people It can cause allergies so instead get yourself some of these new school chalk pens. They come in all sorts of colors They’re super easy to use just like a pen and as you can see they write super smoothly also buy your tickets for tour I’m coming your city and would love to meet you link is in the description Let’s have some fun in the Sun with jello play So now jello doesn’t have to be boring at all Because now with jello play you can create shapes with molds like these sea creature molds And all you have to do is press it onto the jello just like this I found this activity to be extra therapeutic relief for some weird reason Once you’ve shaped the jello with the molds it’s time to take them out. So use the spoon to help you in the process Now these are really cool these are interlocking shapes that help you in building things so for instance like boats and cars These will allow you to expand upon your imagination by building anything you desire it’s super fun and easy to use Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and go right now and shop my merch I’m so excited to see you guys wear it you’re gonna look incredible The link will be down below in the description or you can go to this right here. Click right here Go spoil yourself right now tag me on instagram for a chance to be featured and also follow our apparel Instagram account right here I’m gonna be liking loving and literally following a bunch of you guys on there. I love you guys so much I hope you have an amazing day. Don’t forget to live weird or die normal, byee


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