CROQUIS CAFE: Art Models for Drawing, No. 383

Hi, I’m Larry Withers and welcome to this
Croquis Cafe Preview. We want to thank you for your patience while we’ve
transitioned to our new website. At this time we’ve posted photo collections of
over 60 different models. But we’re not done. We’re taking some of our oldest
photos resizing and color correcting them. For instance we just posted revised
photos of our model Aubrey and I think you can see the improvement. We still
have another 18 models to go so we ask you to bear with us. Since YouTube’s no
longer supports our content you can see this week’s drawing video model Keira
Leilani by following the link below to Vimeo. Some of you have told us that you
can’t access recent artist drawings on Instagram #croquiscafe. There
should be over 22,000 drawings at this hashtag but the powers that be at
Instagram are offended by some of the content. It seems like we’re entering a
strange new world of censorship. But we are undeterred. You can see your drawings
at our Instagram account by following the link below. There you’ll see a link
marked “TAGGED.” Here you’ll find Croquis Cafe artist drawings. So please don’t
stop posting your drawings to instagram: #croquiscafe. The Croquis Cafe
represents a community of figurative artists. It’s an online destination where
you’ll find a variety of visual resources for inspiration and practice.
All of which is free for any artist to access. Donors understand the value of
the Croquis Cafe and support it with their donations. Please consider becoming
a donor yourself. To support the Croquis Cafe follow the link below to our
donations page. And with that enjoy this week’s drawing session on Vimeo.


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