Cutting Painted Nails

everybody dr. Todd Brandon healthy do podiatry today we have some nail care for diabetic patient this is our first time to a podiatrist right so we’re gonna make it a special one all right so you can see the nails are pretty long so what we’re gonna do is start on the left and work our way over to the right and get them all cleaned up sound like plan if there’s any issues so you can see kind of the longer ones they start to curve down alright so we try not to make sure that there’s no skin that’s pinching them alright no problems Yeah right okay you’re gonna kick anybody she’s good she’s ready my shoes off that’s true so you have any big plans for the weekend it’s supposed to be nice I hear my wife signed me up for the race for the Gasparilla 5k stroller race yeah so originally I thought that the stroller was for me to sit in and she was gonna push me then I found that it was for my daughter to sit in so now I get to push her so it’s even double work for me that’s true that’s true exactly hopefully she remembers is so one day she can push me in a wheelchair for her race right doing okay who painted your toenails you yeah how’d you go somewhere how long were you saw pork you Linda there yeah there you go is it really cold in Utah right now it’s pretty cold that’s not Celsius right no well part of Utah what is everything north of Salt Lake what was the name of the city you said Roy never heard of it I’m sure somebody on youtubes from Roy okay I went to school with a couple guys from Utah I’m a big Mormon population out there you know have you always lived in Utah okay sorry okay this one was digging in pretty good you can see all the indentation here on the skin and actually there’s a little Tufts of blood that’s where the nail was actually growing into the skin so we cut all that out so that should feel a lot better it’s gonna give you any issues okay okay all right big guy here the purple polish is gonna be gone [Music] herb oh that’s your favorite color so how long you gonna be in Florida visiting for five weeks okay so you just got here so that vacation is just starting huh Yeah right he retires right okay yeah big nails pretty thick look at him wrong way right though some people like that all right your hands Jennifer okay yes hand a break I might need a break almost done on this big one all right just when I get a little bit more of this junk out of the corner here’s got some sock fuzz it looks like there we go all right want to put down one to go okay take a break that’s right not to snow it’s true that’s true you don’t have to drink hot chocolate here you know you could just put it yeah you could put a Hershey bar in a cup and eat it out of it if it makes you feel like you’re well these nails have some fungus in them so that’s why they’ve discolored and thickened that’s why some of them are sore so what happens is when they get real thick like this and you kind of clench down onto the nail with the nipper it’s just like added pressure to the toe so that’s why they can bother you does that make sense and sometimes what will happen is the skin actually grows up underneath the nail itself so it almost looks like it’s part of the nail and then it can cause pain and discomfort as well that’s right so I know every once in a while you might have a little bit of a pinch but in the long run I don’t feel a lot better you still doing okay good that’s right and you haven’t kicked me yet so that’s a win-win this one might be a little bit sore too just like the other second toenail all right just cuz of how it’s curving yes you see a lot of these you basically get the impression of the nail in the skin that hurts okay how’s your family doing good your son stuff is he still overseas no no that’s good yes are they all out of the house so you’re almost there that yeah probably feels weird at first when they’re not around you know yeah almost quiet too quiet right in England you said doing okay yeah all right last little corner and then it’ll be done and then we’ll buff them out and then send you back to your granddaughter for some more nail polish okay I would do it for you but I don’t know if you want me doing your nail polish the last time I wore nail polish it didn’t go well I’m just kidding for the record I’ve never worn nail polish maybe when my daughter gets older she’ll want to paint my nails I don’t know it seems like a common thing all right last but not least little buff um if this body just this little tickle I shouldn’t hurt it off it does bother you’ll hurt at all but you know okay they’re doing that second toe over there I’ll just put a little bit of Neosporin on it okay now that the nails out of there it’ll heal right now okay I’ll clean that corn up for you here in a second how do I look better a little bit lower back to normal yeah okay awesome all right well thanks everybody for watching as always thanks for leaving our YouTube channel like this at healthy feet podiatry Instagram you can follow me at doctor dr period Todd qg4 on Instagram and things always [Music] [Music]

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