Dark Arts And Crafts Ep.1 – Spent Beer Grains

oh hello there can you riddle me what this beer and this bread have in common follow me to find out……. so if you are brewing without a home kit you have to use grains your water becomes wort when you soak it in grades of your choice for a beer flavor and type….after you’re done letting the beer soaked in grains you have all this leftover spent grain in my highly subjective opinion they’re quite delicious as bread behold this is a basic assembly including the spent grain here for storing your grains you have one week in the fridge and one month in the freezer I highly recommend using peanut butter jars they’re airtight and they upcycle so you are also saving the planet one thing to consider if you are going to use any bread recipe try to think about what your grains were….a stout grain tends to be sweeter and you can use nutmeg and cinnamon for a winter bread it is very important to remember that your grades will be very wet unless you roast them temperature in the oven for an hour ahead of time…… if your grains are past use for eating they make excellent compost I can make a specific episode on how to make dense ass bread but you’re going to have to ask nicely so there you have it many ways to keep your grains out of the gaaaarbaaaage….. and if youuuuu don’t brew, chances are you know somebody who does and if you still know no one, you can go online and find a brewing group….I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy to give their spent grain I hope this episode has been particularly enlightening

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