D&D Pokemon Fusions Art Game Speedpaint

Hey there fiends! I’m doing something a
little stupid, because I’m itching to draw Pokemon again. It was my childhood and I can’t help it. Anyway- I’m rolling on 2 d100 tables based on
the beast that you submitted. One is a list of Pokemon and the other is the a list
of D&D monsters and I’m gonna fuse the two together into one abomination.
Ahh, alright let’s get rolling- Alright we’ve got seven- oh and note, the tens are considered zeros. The Google roller doesn’t have d100s for whatever
reason. Ahh so 7 is Trapinch nice then we have 90 which is this is A revenant. This- this is what we’re gonna start with okay all right then oh no. Alright, so combining Trapinch and essentially a zombie with a vendetta, the Revenant. My mind immediately goes to a sort of ambusher undead creature. Since trapinch is an
antlion with with an absurdly huge mouth like 75% mouth, uh it’s the main feature of
the Pokemon, I knew I had to incorporate that somehow so meet the Mourner’s Mire,
the necromantic by-product of an incredibly toxic relationship that
lingers even past death. It preys on grief and hides itself in fresh grave
dirt. Once the Mourners Mire senses something above it ensnares the
victim using its jaw-like limbs and wraps the prey in a toothy embrace. Once
the Mourner’s Mire bites a target it has a chance of leaving a lingering
charm which only manifests after eight hours. Even if the target escapes,
they soon receive the strong urge to visit the cemetery again perhaps monster
just needed a hug and it was all a grave misunderstanding. Also artist’s note,
if you have a Mourner’s Mire in your life, please cut them out. Maybe not with
a longsword, but uh, just- just- just make some sound Wisdom saves and yeah, just
take care of yourselves. Alright? Alright, okay moving on- [monster growling] [ghostly wail] Okay second roll, let’s go. Uh first is 72
which is a Sawsbuck, and the second which is 58 is a… Grick. [monster screech] Okay I I did say abomination, so this this is working out I guess [laughs] Oh no- Oh boy, so weirdly we’ve got
another trap creature fusion, but this time the genres are reversed.
So Sawsbuck is a deer creature deer Pokemon with a perfect camouflage
for every season it comes with several form changes that are really really
beautiful, like- I like their design a lot though I never really use them in
game. Then you have the Grick which is a ceiling worm that ruins every low level
adventurer’s parade in a dungeon umm- So combining the two we need to bring that
ambush element to a whole new dangerous level. We’re talking- we’re talking trees. The Happening (movie) is happening folks and it all started with a new Grick subspecies
called the Trick. Adapted to a forest terrain
these shifting stalkers congregate around well-traveled paths and pick off
unassuming adventurers with a snap of their sharp beak while their movement is
slow they make up for their sluggish girth with their range strikes they make
with their serpentine heads. Tricks are covered in thick bark-like
hide which makes them quite a challenge to even seasoned fighters. Thankfully
their disguise shares some of the downsides to their likeness as Trick are
quick to flee from fire and are vulnerable to slashing damage.
Adventurers that survive an encounter with a pack of tricks never really fully
recover. They always will be watching if the trees are moving ever closer. [monster snarl] Alright, third roll ahh- 19 Uh, Absol! Aww, I love that one. And 42, the answer to
life the universe and- Metallic Dragon! This is gonna look- this is gonna look
badass, I love both of these yeah okay- So Absol, one of my
favorite Pokemon, it’s great- it’s a great Pokemon. I loved using it in so many so many
instances. Anyway, Absol is a Pokemon that normally gets a sour reputation
because it’s often seen right before a great disaster even though it’s meant to
warn people of such events. Uhh, Metallic dragons similarly can get sort of a
rise out of adventurers despite being good-natured. I mean it is
a big, big dragon. So both creatures are cases of deceptive
appearances, so I really feel that there aren’t enough good aligned monsters that
I that tickle the Party’s combative and inclinations
So- most groups know to like- When there’s an angel or celestial or whatnot to
stow their sword, but you know what if a good creature actually looked
fairly sinister? So herein is the unfortunate circumstance of the Tatzelwurm, a creature with gleaming dark scales, deep sanguine-red eyes, and hooked
talons, but a tender heart. These draconic shadow-cats reside in
frigid tundras close to human settlements and often can form a mutual bond
with its inhabitants. The Tatzelwurm, acting like an oversized St. Bernard,
protects travelers from the dangers of the frozen wastes while the town, in turn,
provides food offerings and small shelters for the guardian beast.
Adventurers may find on their path towards a Tatzel-warded town, rudimentary
strides that are mildly indicative of enlarged dog houses as well as flayed
game dangling from hooks hung on trees. Should a party find itself overwhelmed
deep in the cold lands, a Tatzelwurm might carry them to the warmth of its
den let’s hold out hopes that the group does not judge a beast by its dark
scales [monster hiss/howl] Okay fourth roll, 65 uh- Mr. Mime! Oh
god… Crossed with 13! Kuo Toa. [alien clicking] Okay, okay we’re back we’re back to abominations folks. I’ll try not to make it
too nightmarish. Oh no. Oh jeez, mr. mime is one of those early Pokemon designs that just
kind of make you go- “Who greenlit this?!” Any of the humanoid Pokemon really
creeped me out, but uh oddly this one- really ties in well to Kuo-Toa. The Kuo-Toa
shares the ability to make the imagined real and their faith is so strong that
new gods spring forth from their prayers This combination of creatures is um
yeah it’s gonna spell some doom for players. So I bring you the Kuo Toa
Psion, a godly Kuo Toa that sprung forth from the minds of its lesser kin. Unlike
its brethren, its reality-warping power is entirely self-sufficient and is
put to quick use on those who don’t play along. Despite its terrifying psionic prowess, it’s actually an oddly childish creature
that is easily placated of the promise of fun games. Although playing with Kuo-Toa Psion might be fun at first adventurers quickly discovered that
playtime for this god never ends. One of the Psion’s most sinister skills is the
ability to shrink the party to mere inches tall and imprison them into a
miniature faux town or dollhouse complete with puppeteered illusions to keep the fun
going. Escaping from this nightmare takes some cunning, as the naive scion while
powerful, can easily be felled by a well orchestrated deception [distorted frog croaks] Okay uh fifth and final roll, 83 Mimikyu! Aww so cute. And uhh- 47. [pauses] Oh no- [metallic roar] I don’t- I just… I don’t know how to make this cute guys. Cadaver Collector?! Okay, okay- Okay, this combo- oh my geez. In my head
I was thinking, “oh man anything oh anything with Mimikyu could be so cute.”
Oh I was- [tongue click] I was wrong But anyway Mimikyu is an oddly- an
oddly innocent ghost Pokemon compared to most. It covers its horrific appearance with a ragged Pikachu costume in order to
attract the love and attention of a trainer. Cadaver Collector, inversely,
covers itself in corpses to intimidate and attack foes. So this is a bit of a
paradox creature, but uh nonetheless- I present to you the Death Shroud. The Death
Shroud is a rare consequence of wayward necromancy from a miscast race dead
spell that leached onto a burial cloth. A small scrap of fabric hit by the spell
transforms into an awakened creature which quickly tears itself free, often
taking a limb or two with it. This bizarre construct has the uncanny ability to
animate and control any corpse it covers and its collections ever-growing as it
follows the aftermath of a typical adventuring party Strangely this
creature can develop an accord with its adventurers as it leaves trinkets and gold
at their campsites as thanks for their contributions. As its intelligence
increases with its amassing hoard, a Death Shroud will crave rarer creatures to add
to its collection and even may make specific requests for
the party. A large Shroud has an uncanny knack for gleaning lost memories from the dead and will happily trade valuable information and spells for a pristine
corpse [rapid squeaking] [gasping moan] Okay, thanks for watching guys! I hope you enjoyed this weird art game.
Please leave a comment if you’d like me to do a part two video with more fusions.
I’ve also included some links to the stat blocks I made for these creatures
if you want to use them in your D&D 5e games you can find in the description
below. They aren’t play tested so uh fair
warning. [laughs] Thanks again to my lovely Patreon peeps
you guys are wonderful thank you and I’ll see you all next time. Bye!

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