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Hey guys, welcome to the Hobby Lobby Creative
Studio. I’m Tara, and today I’m going to walk
you through an easy way to give a room that little something extra—with wall stencils. They come in lots of patterns, so find your
favorite, and let’s get started! The first thing to do is hang the stencil,
so you’ll need painters tape and a level. We’ve found that it’s helpful to place
a piece of tape on one side before it’s level—it’s easier to position the stencil
with one side already taped down. Now it’s time to paint. I’m using a large finishing brush. These are great for stenciling because they
hold a lot of paint and allow you to work quickly. You’ll dip just the tip into the paint,
and then off-load onto a paper towel. Off-loading helps distribute the paint evenly
into the bristles. To paint, use light pressure and a small swirling
motion. Be patient, and allow the paint to build up
slowly. See this small triangle? There’s one on each corner of the design—they’re
called registration marks. They’ll help you line up the stencil each
time you move it, so mark them with a pencil, and just erase the marks when you’re done. When you’re ready to move the stencil, carefully
peel it off, line up the triangles, and keep painting. Remember to off-load every time you load because,
as I mentioned earlier, this type of brush holds a lot of paint. Speaking of a lot of paint, paint will build
up on your stencil after a few uses, so clean it off with soap and warm water anytime you
need to. And before you know it, you have a gorgeous
accent wall! But these stencils aren’t just for large
projects like walls. Use them to update a piece of furniture… Or even try layering multiple colors—you’ll
just shift the stencil a bit with each new color. Whatever you choose, have fun with it! Thanks for joining us, and best of luck with
your own stenciling project!


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