what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and I am so excited about tonight’s project because you see
this back here behind me on the wall well years ago I got that at Pier one
Imports and I’ve been trying to figure out how I could recreate it by myself so
I did it and I did it all using dollar tree products so I am so excited now
granted the one I made is about that big and that one is quite large but you can
make yours any size you’d like and I just thought I’d start small and do it
for the tutorial to make sure that it worked out and I got to say guys I think
this is my all-time favorite project so far not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure I
love it so I cannot wait to show it to you it’s pretty easy to do just a little
bit time-consuming but amazing for all my glam girls on my modern glam people
out there this is the bomb diggity I’m telling you
okay enough gushing over that you know that I
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know like so many things I’m so bossy anyway I can’t wait to get to this so I
think what we should do Oh almost forgot again down below in the description box
there’s a link that you can enter to win a cute little bling owl keychain and I
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this project my pictures aren’t always very inclusive of everything needed
because sometimes they morph into more as I’m going along so down there I
actually list the items that you you will need and there’s a complete
list for you so okay now we can get to it
so let’s do it okay so I already got a little bit of a head start on here
because I wanted to try and make sure this project was even gonna work in the
first place but what we’re gonna be doing is take your big tray here and you
it doesn’t I don’t know if there’s smaller size trays but go ahead and get
the biggest one that you can find and we’re gonna cut off this outside rim
because we’re only going to be using the flat part of the tray okay so what we’re
going to be doing with this piece is cutting out leaf shapes from this so
decide how big or how small you don’t necessarily need them all to be the same
size you can have different sizes and slightly different shapes so you don’t
necessarily they you don’t have to cut a template out or anything so this is kind
of what we’re gonna be doing and cutting out a bunch of these because these are
going to be the decor for our project and try and maximize your space by using
any little extra areas that you have here just like you would if you were
using cookie cutters and cutting out dough you know we have to make every
last little cookie fit on there so that’s kind of what we’re doing with
this as well cutting out and cutting out and cutting out now if you’re making a
really big wall art you can cut your leaves a lot bigger and you won’t have
to cut out as many if you’re doing a smaller wall art you’re going to want to
do your leaves a little smaller so that you can get at least several leaves on
to the project okay that
cut a lot that made a lot of leaves and left all these little low cock up pieces
that are just going to go thrown away which actually they’re not so cock up
pieces they’re kind of really cool-looking so you probably could use
those for another similar project using just the extra little cutout pieces
because those are they’re pretty slick-looking so I don’t know who knows
I may put those aside and use those they may go in the garbage but what we’re
going to be doing next is the fun part and you’re gonna need for that a little
bowl of water and a bunch of different nail polishes so I have all of these
colors because these are kind of in the color scheme that I’m trying to stick
with but pick whatever color scheme you want and go with it
and I’m sure a lot of you have seen this technique before so it’s not anything
new but we’re just gonna be using it and for those of you that haven’t seen it oh
you’re gonna love it it’s so much fun so just can I go ahead and figure out I
don’t know just randomly take some different things I’m gonna want some
dark colored leaves and I’m gonna want some light colored leaves
I have stay on standby here my piece of parchment paper so I can set them on
what I’ve done and the tweezers to use as I pull them out so well because the
other day I was doing it just with my fingers and I kind of wrecked my nails
so have your leaves next to you you want to be able to be ready to go shake up
your polishes and have the tops loosened so that you can use whatever colors you
want kind of in the moment and not have to take the time to undo them so all of
these nail polishes were from Dollar Tree except this one here I got that at
Daiso but it doesn’t they can be any nail polishes from anywhere and I’m
gonna start with some of my darker leaves no reason just because I can and
I’m a few drops of this dark blue in there
and you can see how it sort of spreads out and then maybe put a little bit of
this blue in there which is a bit dark too just to change it up a bit and you
can kind of see what it’s doing there and then you’re just going to take your
leaf and I’m using my pointy tweezers from the very tip and find a spot and
tuck that in there pull it out and set it onto your parchment paper so you can
do a few of them with one nail polish bath which is good and every single one
is going to be a little different which is really cool because it makes for a
very interesting project and already our leaves are different one from the other
some are fat some are skinny some are going to be dark some are going to be
light kind of like us and what’s cool about that is we are all beautiful in
our own way as are these leaves that are all different so I really love that and
this is starting to kind of dry up a bit here so I got a get whatever leaves I
can done and then I’m going to move on to my next color so you see when it
starts getting this this not oh no ok see this not when it starts getting this
not it is time to clear out that polish so I am just gonna get that little snot
piece off of there and then set this aside you don’t have to worry about the
backside of your leaf because it’s going to be glued down to your board or to
whatever so now all I’m going to do is take one of the scrap pieces that I have
and sort of swish that around in here to collect all the rest of the floating
pieces that started to get a bit too dry you do probably want to have a paper
towel on hand as well to put those on kind of let me show you
some of these they’re really really coolio! Hope I won’t dump them. so they’re
pretty nifty so all of them are gonna have a really unique look depending to
on what colors we put in so I’m going to do my next batch here and I think I’m
going to use some of this really cool this all of my colors are matte except
for this one has some shimmer to it I don’t really know how that’s going to
come out but I’m open to finding out and I’m going to do that one with a little
bit of this lighter kind of a I don’t know see foamy minty green I don’t know
what you would even call it and then maybe maybe a little bit of white in
there too all right off we go interesting and then what’s cool about this you can
this is one place you guys we can double dip because it changes up the color and
I think probably this might be my last leaf with this batch because it’s
starting to get oh I just dropped my leaf in there ah alright well that
actually worked out okay let’s go with some of the other colors
and come up I think one of them I’m going to do kind of with a little bit of
some black in it too I think that will look really cool all right anyway I think you guys kind
of get the idea I’m gonna play with these a bit and finish up my leaves and
do all those and then working at Oh get off get off
sorry sidetrack there they got stuck I mean I’m going to finish up my leaves
and then we’re going to work on the next step which is gonna be starting to put
this bad boy together that can be a little bit tricky but I think it’s also
going to be really cool well that worked out okay I just scooped up everything
onto that leaf and it came out pretty neat all right let me get these done and
then I’ll show you what I came up with ooh
so here are all the pretties they’re obviously every single one a
little different couple things I learned some little tips for you guys to know
sometimes some of the Polish if you drop it in there too quickly it will ball up
on the bottom you can see in there some little balls but no big deal they stay
at the bottom so you do want to kind of pour your polish in there rather quickly
also the less polish you put in the quicker it is going to dry the less
leaves you will get done so if you put a little extra in there and you can layer
the colors you will get this type of result so we’re gonna have to now be
patient which is not one of my virtues and we’re gonna have to let these really
dry before we can move on to the next part all right guys so far so good are
you excited if you’re gonna join this give me the big ol thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel and join the glued up family so let’s see what else
Oh comment let me know what do you guys think this is so cool so far for the
next part of this project we’re actually going to be using these little mirror
squares and we’re gonna be cutting them into strips now I think I got these on
Amazon if I can find the link I’ll post it below if not Dollar Tree does
occasionally happy and the mirror squares are a little bit
larger which is probably good if you don’t find them or you don’t want to use
the mirror squares another option that I realize potentially before we cut up all
of this tray into our leaves you can actually cut some of these pieces into
squares it’s going to be a little more labor-intensive if you just cut some
strips of this you can actually before you cut all of it into the tray you
could actually cut some squares out of the extra tray piece so that is
absolutely an option and it will probably it’s you know one less dollar
spent if you feel like doing that these also are a great option and make great
little mirror effect squares as well so definitely that’s an option to do a
side-by-side comparison for you I wanted to show you that these are the ones that
you can get at Dollar Tree there by jot and they are much larger than the ones
that I have gotten on Amazon and they’re literally side by side here and you can
see the difference in the size of the squares so it’s a big difference by
using the extra scraps or buy ahead of time cutting the silver tray you can cut
whatever size it is that you want to use of these also another potential option
would be using bling wrap it’s going to change a little bit the look of the
project but that’s another potential option as well so what I’ve decided to
do is use these small ones that I had gotten from Amazon because I think it’s
gonna work best for my project and what a little trick that I figured out I’m
first of all cutting my row off of there with an exacto knife and then what I’m
going to use I’m peeling off this backing here which makes it a little
tough because then the back is very sticky and it makes it really hard to
work with so a little trick that I’m going to do is use a little bit
cornstarch and very little does the job so even what a little bit is on this lid
if I just touch that and rub it onto the back of the sticky surface voila
no more stickiness and it will not affect our project for later on so
here’s my strip and now it’s no longer sticky which is great oh my gosh you
guys what a total goober I am so as I was doing this and putting on my little
bit of cornstarch I realized that these just pull apart so instead of sitting
there and cutting them and then flipping them Oh duh
okay sometimes it’s the simplest of things that elude this genius mind so
anyway that’s it much quicker and easy way to go okie dokie it’s been a couple hours and
so we’re gonna move on to the next step because my leaves are now dry I have
them over here on the side and the next thing we’re gonna do is take whatever
box art frame you have or whatever you base you want to use I would recommend
something that has a hard surface and not something that has a flexible
surface like of a canvas because I’m afraid that the stuff will not flex with
it and it will just pop off later so I’m using this caulking from Dollar Tree and
I have a little clear dish here that I’m mixing Oh give me anyway I’m gonna put a
good amount of that there because I’m going to be covering the surface of my
artwork here and I want to color mine a gray color so it sort of matches the one
that I’m trying to copy that I have the artwork at home and I’m going to add a
little bit I have a pretty good glob of this
going here and I’m just gonna add a little bit of black paint that’s just
one drop I can always add more that it’s too hard to make it lighter if you add
too much this is a lid from my favorite chocolate-covered almonds
they’re dark chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe’s if you guys haven’t
tried them oh you gotta try them so I’m I would say that I’m using I don’t know
i would guess like 3/4 of a tube at this point just to give you an idea I’m just
going to do the surface first and I’m going to worry about the sides later so
now you’re just gonna like frosting a cake so first we cut our cookies out of
our cookie dough cookie cutters with what he call it for our leaves and now
we’re frosting a cake can you tell I like my sweets or what if you have a
cake spreader an old cake spreader that you don’t use that might be easier but
I’m just using a stir stick and this doesn’t have to be real thick just kind
of a thin layer to cover the whole thing it’s not super ultra fast drying so you
do have some time so don’t panic okay so I’ve got my thin layer on there and now
what I’m going to do is actually take a toothpick because I want to draw the
little swirl design that I’m going to be placing my mirrors on so go around and
just sort of figure out what pattern it doesn’t have to be perfect because your
mirrors are going to go on there but just to give you an idea of where
they’re going to go okay I think that’s it I don’t know if you guys can see the
little pattern that I did in here there you go a little
bit but now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to take our little mirror pieces
that I sat so nicely and cut apart or pulled apart and we’re gonna start
placing those on our pattern can I give them a press down in there so just
continue on here go around on your pattern and get these all placed once
you kind of get on a roll it goes a little quicker I think so this is what I
have so far my caulking is starting to dry so if you feel like you need a
little more time do half of this at a time then the next step I’ll be doing
will be to press in my leaves and now what I’m going to do is take some of my
leaves that I’ve made and start pressing those into place so you can kind of just
most of the caulk you want that to be covered so press them down in and keep
your leaves sort of spaced somewhat closely together because the caulking is
not exactly the prettiest thing ever and give it a good press because by now this
is starting to dry pretty quickly so you really sort of want to work fast if
you’re having trouble and it does dry worst-case scenario you could always use
some glue and put stick it on there so now that I’ve got most of these in
place there’s a few spots that I’d like to fill in but I think it’s going to be
just fine to actually cut some of these leaves in half to try and fit them into
place and just go ahead and fit in make it look as though it’s coming you know
like it went off of the edge now because it’s drying I’m having to really press
hard there may be a possibility that this could have come off later but in
that case I will just glue it back on so I’m pretty satisfied with the way
that looks now what I’m going to do is go in and kind of press make sure
everything’s firmly in place and if there’s any spots now that are a little
bit funky or bumpy with a caulking is now is a good time because it’s still
damp you can kind of even those out a bit and press those into place and don’t
worry about the stuff hanging off edge we’re going to hit that a little bit
later and then we’ll be painting the sides and finishing up so what I’m going
to work on right now is cutting off with my exacto knife some of the edges that
are sort of hanging off now this caulking is a little bit sort of almost
rubbery feeling so it’s not like it just cuts off real smoothly and easily as
soon as I get this these edges cleaned up here I’m going to go ahead and paint
that edge grey so just the same way I did with the mixing of the black paint
into the white caulking you want to add a lot more of your white paint than you
do of your black paint otherwise it’s going to be really dark and again it
does not take very much if you’re enjoying my videos don’t forget to give
me a thumbs up and join the glue dot family by subscribing and hitting that
bell so you know when I upload new videos I am so excited that
is I can’t even believe that this is a Dollar Tree all Dollar Tree items to
make this project I think I think this may be one of my favorites at this point
all right so you guys don’t need to watch me paint so I’m going to go ahead
and get that done and then I’m going to show you this all finished hang in there you

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