DIY Pancake Art – Man Vs Youtube #10

What’s up everybody? You’re watching man vs pancake Have you seen pancake art? This shit is insane! People are making monkeys, and apes, and goddamn Beatles, Adventure Time How does it even happen? We gotta try this. So, I went to the store and got way more shit than I actually needed I started with mixing some buttermilk pancake mix together and then carefully tried to get it into my squeeze bottle. this method proved to be real fucking shitty Yep, things are starting out awesome over here. Alright, put this pan on medium heat and got started… All right, come on. Oh, you gotta be fucking with me. Come on, really? Is it too thick? Maybe if I squeeze harder…? Maybe there’s something stuck in the cap… All right. Oh, fuck you fucking buttermilk bullshit Fuck that pancake mix actually going for some others, but I bought this time. The good old instant pancake shake it in a bottle shit. Boom we’re in business back over to the pan to get started. Oh, come on! what the fuck do I need to do here – do I need a bigger bottle? a bigger opening? Oh, you fucking piece of shit again? fuck making pancake art at this point. I just need to make some pancakes now the last mix that I got was a pretty big pain in the ass Which is why i wanted to use it in the first place? but here We are I gotta add milk and oil and eggs all Sorta [shit] And I’m not going down the same route as before so using a funnel this time around, [huh] [alright] here. We go Oh, yeah, that’s the stuff Hallel-fucking-lujah, this is actually pretty easy. I’m getting a good feeling about this one I guess the trick is you do the outline first you wait for that to cook a little bit? Then you fill in the rest [all] right. Here’s a big moment. I just flip it over and shit shit shit shit no, no, fuck All right, uh there’s attempt number three Kind of looks like a dick now for this one I’m gonna write out a couple of words you gotta do that backwards so that it comes out straight You let that sit. You fill it up flip it over and nice Things are looking up all right for this next one. I’m going to try a Triangle maybe a little all-seeing eye action, huh flip it over boom Illuminati Pancake confirmed now that if you’re proficient in this technique, I wanted to move on to the colored pancakes these things look absolutely fucking Insane however after looking at all of the designs that they have online nobody’s done rick and morty pancakes. Oh Shit dog [now] if you don’t know about the adventures of Rick and morty [I] can’t help you so I mix up some more pancake mix this time with some blue. Dye and got started on Rick hmM, no No, no, no fuck All right this one this one’s turned out [alright]. I’m going to add some of the blue here for the hair and here We go the big flip oh God damn it You fucking cock sucker. It was a good one fuck All right, I didn’t make a lot of the blue, so I only got one more chance here looking good so far [at] blue let it rest, flip and Yeah, yeah fucking rick you can see a little bit of the color in there I guess and it looks like rick totes malotes alright, lastly I’m just gonna get morty up in here all wide eyed and freaking out. What is going on Rick? I’m freaking out don’t fuck this one up rob don’t fuck this one up. flip em flap em whoo yeah yeah rick and morty pancakes all right. Let’s see how everything turned out besides a huge fucking mess oh Yeah they’re amazing. like eating little Clouds, ha Ha ha yeah


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