DO NOT DRAW BENDY at 3 AM Challenge Bendy and The Ink Machine Hope and Noah SHK Comic

Really Noah? Sorry! This is so lame! There are no ghosts anywhere. Playing Jenga at 3 am does nothing. We already tried jumping a green car at 3 am. And it didn’t work. We’ve already tried eating skittles rainbows at 3 am. And we tried watering a plant at 3 a.m. How many challenges do we have left? I think we only have two. Making slime at 3 a.m. and Drawing Bendy at 3 a.m. Who is Bendy? You don’t know who Bendy is? There. Now what is supposed to happen? Bendy is going to come! No way! You are just doing that to scare me. Okay. Just wait. Nothing is going to happen. Where did the picture go? You did something. No I didn’t. This is pretty sketchy. Let’s get out of here. No problem with me. All we have left is making slime at 3 a.m. Hopefully this works. Blue dye. Where did it go? Did you take it? No! Look, it’s right there. Okay. Are you controlling it? What? No! This is sketchy! What is all over it? It’s some kind of ink. The Jenga! It’s nothing. Probably just the air conditioning. Hold it tight! I think he’s gone. Let me check. Noah? That’s what happens when you draw Bendy at three in the morning. That’s impossible. There’s no way all of that can happen. Just wait. Nothing is going to happen. What? What? Noah! I got you! I knew you were trying to scare me all along. No you didn’t. You were scared. Don’t try to scare me like that again Noah. Okay, good night Hope. Good night Noah.

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