DRAW A STICKMAN EPIC 2 🚸 Giant Rat Chase (FGTEEV Imagination Chapter 1 Gameplay)

it’s good georgiana volcano and scare birds and make him say I record telephone and then take all the corn then throw a Minecraft sword in the ocean melted glacier white rose the Jesus cave rock on top of the hole so Jesus can’t get out what’s up FG achievers my name is FG TV daddy and EVG this my son he’s four years old today we are playing a gaming y’all requested draw a stickman to we’ve never played it we are going to learn and play and have some fun today right now with draw a stickman hey to dos oh is it we’re already doing it I thought that was like ahead wait that’s our guy can you maybe let Daddy help ya no we definitely do redo what we draw who we play with so I’m gonna just draw something crazy like what if this is the hair right we got like Bart Simpson hair Chase is gonna help out with the eyeballs I like it another one good job buddy let me just draw one little pupil okay now you do one good job that’s like really close circle alright now next comes the nose I’m gonna you’re doing a nose okay fine you do the nose is he gonna have a tiny nose Oh what Wow oh okay it’s an M he’s got an M nose I’m thinking for the mouth okay fine I’m doing the ears then your a for the ears we’re going to have wings that is really bad actually let’s just get regular you okay really huge ones though let’s finish up his jawline now you do the mouth is that is that the mouth you made it look quick kinda like a cool box troll no wait my turn my little tooth right there so I’m gonna give him a nice cool little bowtie it’s got a candy he’s got a candy bowtie now we have to draw his body so I’ll draw his body you draw his arms okay our stickman looks so strange from the minds of duddy and Chi I like it now do the other side are you gonna give him hands hey is that a gun all those are his fingers you do the legs I’ll do the feet okay you can hear me good job now I’m gonna do the feet this looks like got part of his shoe got ripped off near the top where his toes was and we should make this one have like a really big toe okay that’s good are we done we’re done I look fantastic yes we made it best there is hello I need a name okay what are we gonna call him pee pee okay we’re going with stickman Phoebe my name is peepee nice to meet you it’s kind of lonely here I have an idea draw a friend for me you can touch the screen to make me walk oh look he walks all over wherever we click what does this do what I’ll draw a friend okay oh wait wait wait let’s talk let’s up what should the friend be okay what color is Pizza can I do the bun the bun yeah it’s a pizza he doesn’t have fun oh the crust yeah we gotta give him some legs yeah those are good eyes alright so neither the outline Chase is doing the crust and the pepperoni I know they do pepperoni is just little circles okay pepperoni how many pepperonis you’re gonna give him all right nice are we done what do we want to call them Pizza Steve Pizza Steve hi I’m Pizza Steve let’s go explore Pizza Steve got off the paper oh no what happened to Pisa Steve is bad pizza Steve it’s up to P P to save him dude PP has to go save Pizza Steve he’s crazy P P is on a mission oh there what what are you up to Pizza Steve oh what’s he doing tearing apart the recipe oh we’re going inside of a book loading what are we gonna battle yeah oh we didn’t start before oh we didn’t start yet now what do we do we got to get a key well what can you click that thing LLL cockroaches oh you broke it what’s this cran do nice oh you found your first pencil you can use the leaf pencil to bring dead trees back to life we have to click the pencil draw leaves ah let’s see how you do it see your trees better than mine you know Oh mine is better these are not bad yeah Leafs are good yeah oh nice we made two trees come back to life oh no we can’t step on the sludge try to heal those three trees can we like just draw a little bit of trees done and it heals that area now we can walk can you step on that rock oh this is deep Pizza Steve he’s got the keys Pizza Steve give us the key pieces Steve ran away heal those trees and maybe it’ll do something for me we can like jump on them Oh – wait can I try a funny tree let’s do this and then this and then that let’s see and turn it to a pizza well we can get to heart ha – oh go check in that bucket what’s this gonna help us is it a she or a he did you know jokey a volcano and scare birds and make him say on record telephone and then take all the court and then throw a Minecraft store in the ocean melted glacier White Rose the Jesus cave rock on top of the hole so Jesus can’t get out let’s go man we could do this let’s draw some trees oh what’s that no no we’re gonna get out poop we can step on a sledge Estep should I try that like draw this down let’s draw some leaves I don’t oh yeah see the trees kill the rats oh we have to get the rats to follow us probably come and get us through the trees come and get us yes we did it man what is this oh we have to have it you there’s gonna be a blue a blue pencil so we could fill those things with water Oh a baker a farmer are we gotta go see him go see him chase they’re trapped down there don’t worry man we’re going to save them let’s go around this way and how can we get to him Oh color that tree he’s got water maybe he’ll make you grow and fall down and make him a path thank I do over here we go Jason threw in a tree create a tree I think that’s good I think it’s good oh is it oh it does have a long branch he’s gonna water it hey chop transfers it okay so I was thinking it was gonna fall out for some reason I don’t know why that didn’t make any sense it grew you’re a welcome sir oh is that like a checkpoint whoa get that water so we get that water we get it no well if you click on it do we have a jet point yeah good thing we have a checkpoint can I try one okay what that dude is a beast dude you got a drop trees quick guys get away from your walk again activate the crit okay there we go oh yes right there oh he goes slower I’m just gonna draw him draw him did we get him the big tree will kill him yes kill him no yes yes tree power bro oh she’s gonna give us her heart she’s kind of cute Oh would you get married to her oh yeah now get the heart don’t don’t break your heart there you go sorry man my son doesn’t know how to really capture a lady’s heart there okay we got it now what snake oh whoa whoa we got to go around alright taste go around don’t step on the sludgy don’t step on the sludgy don’t sludge on the steppy go around the boldy you can’t go through a rocky what is that that’s choppy it’s the sticky situation ding from the beginning chapter complete we did it hi take you guys so much for watching if you want to see us play part 2 let us know why is it snowy alright guys you know we say when we say peace out we say we believe up nice

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