DRAW MY LIFE #CeiraArradea

Hi guys! so today I’m going to do my draw my life because I’m happy to do draw my life in the video because.. okay. so, the first time my mom going to see the doctor and she.. born some babies that name.. marsha, ceira, and abbey when I’m 7 years old I am so happy to get the cake and then I go to YouTube because I’m the first time to go in YouTube and I have so many YouTube Channel I guess.. and then in my birthday seven years old my cake is bake from trans studio the cake theme is lion king because it’s adorable.. about the lion king and it’s so cute! and I blow the candle and I wish about I can go to college when I am already big like daddy or mom and then I became (an) artist because when I’m 7 years old I can be an artist I drew this. after I’m being an artist I’m going to (the) college not right now, but when I’m already big, okay.. I drew the college myself


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