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So my story starts with something like this When i was not in this world or should i say i was there but inside my mother’s womb She was suffering from Jaundice and Doctor said to my Dad. And like 99% husband said save the mom. Please! And like every mother, My mother said save my Child and in between all this my dad didn’t leave any chances to keep my mother healthy Infact on every Friday he started to go Haji Ali Darga to pray for my mom. Miraculously both me and my mother were saved. And in this way my story began in this world Now being born in a Punjabi family Where in my family mostly girls were born So it was a celebration Time and my skin tone was like my mom Skin tone which is fair extremely fair. What happened one day my grandfather took me with him for a walk And seeing this, my grandmother smiled to my dad and said Anil your son will become Filmy just like you. And Mind you that time Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was the superstar of Bollywood Industry. Till now everything was perfectly fine, In fact my little sister was also born But then one day in anger my dad left my grandparents house. The time my dad took this decision i was with my mom and sister in Aligarh at Grandmother’s house(my mom’s mother) In full of anger my dad called my mom and asked SITARA I left the home, how much money you have saved I want to buy a new house right now. Don’t spend so much money on me, Make your life with that money. Now this was all about my Childhood. In 5th standard i got fail, In 8th standard i was about to fail In 10th and 12th got just passed. After that two big tragedy happen in my life. First my grandmother passed away After this my Dad said to me is that In business nobody is your friend or your relative there is only one thing is Money Like every student get confuse After 12th Standard the same way i was confused What to do ? At that time every kid used to select Hotel management i did the same And believe me I regretted so much after selecting that stream. One thing i have learned in first year of Hotel management was Hospitality. By the time i enter my second year I had a Fight with the Vice Principle and i could see 100% percent chance of getting fail By the time I understood the Importance of Studies and I used to study alot But that time i was very depressed with my life Honestly Speaking I don’t know why Which was affecting studies directly In between all this confusion one good happen I made a girlfriend And what a wonderful thing it was that she was my 10th standard crush. But, then one day we had a break up. And the pressure of my depression Just blown away, I was sad Now i had 2 ways, I had to choose in between Jet airways or Qatar Airways Or I should complete my hotel management studies. 6 years for someone it is too long or someone it is too short What not happened with my life in those 6 years I traveled the world, Did shopping from different countries I made a friend like Brother ‘Rizwan’ , Made lots of money from which i bought my own house in Mumbai I always love the camera but after travelling my love for camera went to the seven skies I loved it so much that i started to talk with the camera Which Now people call it Vlogging and that time i didn’t know about it. And what a break up it was, there was no problem Everything was fine. everything was going so good in between us that she forced me to talk to her father regarding our marriage Her Father rejected me on the spot because of religion issue. she turned her back next day and said i won’t go against my family. In fact after 2 week she got engaged Because we human just need love from whom it doesn’t really matter. But with none of them i went into a relationship. And after that one girl entered in my life and i felt like Now in Qatar i stayed for 6 years and I didn’t want to do this job for lifetime But my dad wanted that i must work there Because in India i couldn’t make this much money But i wanted to come to India Between this i tried some investment and tried to execute some business plan. And my Dad was Right. I failed in everything Now everything was fixed I will go back to Qatar Airways and will marry that girl and get settled. Even i said about this in my family 26th December 2013 My flight was booked for Qatar After 10 days Everyone was happy in my family 27th December 2013 It was 5:10 AM Daddy Wake up….. How Selfish the world is I understood that after my dad passed away. Relatives don’t keep their relations Even friends don’t look like friends and everyone need just one thing from you is Profit. From here a new journey began and there my old Journey ended. From here I started my YouTube Journey How i started people call it Motovlogging Because we sit on the Bike and talk about the bike The truth is I felt like it was all dream I’m saying this from my heart, If you you guys were not there i could have never become Mumbiker Nikhil. But i can assure one thing Whatever happen in my life I share everything with you guys Right in front of the eyes i crossed 1 Million Which was a dream for me because my Handwriting and Sketching is not that good You didn’t tell about us. You said nothing What should i say about you guys.
they know everything about you guys. He loves Prajakta SHIVERING LAUNDA And in you want know about someone you will know in Future It is a contain i can’t put everything in it.


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