Drawing an Impala +Polynesian Artwork with LemonPoppySeedMuffin

It’s clobberin’ time! I mean, collaboration
time! Todays artwork is a collaboration with charismatic
and talented YouTube Artist, LemonPoppySeedMuffin. LemonPoppySeedMuffin is primarily a digital
artist who paints portraits, films the creation process
and then uploads speedpainting videos to YouTube. I’d recommend LemonPoppySeedMuffin’s YouTube
channel to anyone looking to either learn how to paint
digitally or looking for new methods of digital painting. Although LemonPoppySeedMuffin is a digital
artist, this watercolour artwork of an Impala proves LemonPoppySeedMuffin also has great
traditional painting skills! Fun Fact – This Impala was featured
in Episode 2 of Deviant-Hunting, a YouTube series showcasing amazing and undiscovered
artists on DeviantART. You can find a link in the description to
view the episode and learn the backstory behind the creation of this artwork. For my part of the collaboration, I decided
to try and combine a few tribal artwork styles together. To do this, I needed to create several
large and smaller circles to encapsulate each style,
but also have them blend into each other. The largest circle on the top of the artwork
houses a clear polynesian style. I’ve been improving really
rapidly with my polynesian designs as I’ve been working on a large tattoo design – which
I will hopefully be able to show you before the end of 2016. The very small circles I’m adding in to the
artwork don’t really serve much of a purpose other than breaking up the large circles.
If theres too many distinct lines and shapes in this piece, I
think it would lose what makes it a tribal style. Tribal shapes and patterns are meant
to be organic and wild. The large circles already create a lot of
imprisonment of the tribal styles, so the smaller circles and also the small triangles
I add around the large circles help to break it up a little and set
it free! I don’t know if I’m making sense at the moment! I wasn’t thinking like this
while I was drawing it, but when I look back I can understand
and gain insight why my mind did it automatically. That or I’m just making this stuff all up!
Can’t tell if essay is good or if I’m starting to
believe my own bullshit? At this point in the video, I’m just inking
in the shapes I’ve already outlined. It takes a long time to do this, but at the same time
it’s pretty calming. Doing all this inking does get pretty dull
after awhile. If it takes more than 2 hours to fill in the ink of a drawing it becomes
more of a chore than a relaxing drawing experience. To make the
time go faster I listen to podcasts. Does anyone else do this while drawing? Or are
you more of a ‘listen to music’ type of artist? Well, here’s the final
product! Thanks you, LPSM!


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