Drawing Dark Crystal Characters!! (Age of Resistance)

hello and compliments of the season I am
starting to decorate in classical Halloween fashion my new friend I tried
to find a pumpkin candle i classic the best one I could find
this year was apple spice so sorry pumpkin boys but Apple win this time is
Mel’s like apple pie so this week I’ve been watching Dark Crystal Age of
resistance on Netflix this whole video is gonna sound like a spawn but I
promise you it’s not it’s sponsored by my childhood because I’ve always been a
huge Jim Henson fan Jim Henson movies are most of the reason why I started
doing props model-making sculpting and loving like the creature effects
practical effects idol film anything the song is gonna stay out so do I wait for
the Sun to come back no was I saying but yeah if you haven’t seen the film or the
new series on Netflix yet don’t worry this is a spoiler free video so when I
was in the US as I mentioned in my rating art supplies video I came across
this book and I was very surprised I don’t already have this this is the
fairies book by designer and illustrators Brian Froud and alum Lee oh
the Sun is back just a little bit of background about these two artists Brian
Froud is the main illustrator slash concept designer for lots of Jim Henson
Company films and he worked on Dark Crystal and labyrinth labyrinth is a
funny one because I’ve probably seen it more than any other film in my life but
when people ask me what my favorite film is it’s not the first one that comes to
mind maybe I just feel low-key judged by intellectuals for having my favorite
movie being David Barry prancing around in leggings maybe I don’t care and then
Adam Lee was one of the key illustrators and designers on Lord of the Rings for
wetter workshop and a lot of their props and models came from conceptual art made
by him so two legends helps to create this book but yeah
reading bits of this and watching Dark Crystal inspired me to draw some of the
characters so that’s what I’m going to be doing I started drawing my favorite
character deep with HAARP her little puddling friends I think she’s probably
a lot of people’s favorite characters I reckon a lot of people can relate to her
because all she wants is to restore the balance of nature or the raw which is
kind of another word for nature or the force of mother nature in the series but
yeah she’s friends with all the different creatures and critters that
run around and she wants to restore this balance which is a hard task even in the
forest world of the Dark Crystal I drew her in my favorite sets from the series
which is stone in the wood but I loved the plants and the vines and the glowing
orbs and lantern things hanging down from the trees so I wanted to include
that in my drawing when I think about why and what even inspired me to do a
degree in model making I think Jim Henson Lord of the Rings
weatr workshop the labyrinth the weird creatures in Harry Potter and Star Wars
I love how sort of fluid and loose their construction was in a way they were
carefully constructed and fabricated creatures sculptors mold makers and all
the different materials had to be carefully chosen for them but there’s a
select number of those 80s and 90s fantasy films that have that tangible
almost glittery vibe but the new series of Dark Crystal does a really good job
of making it look old-school with all of the different practical effects also the
characterization of the Skeksis is still terrifying me relevant you know power
and Status going to people’s heads under control being an issue I’ll say no
although I think a lot of people are actually scared to watch Dark Crystal
because they have memories of the Skeksis being terrifying and yes they
are still terrifying bad and evil people come in all sorts of shapes sizes and
faces the Skeksis is just one of them wow that was really dark X’s aside I
would definitely recommend watching this series I feel like it’s been designed so
well if you pause it at any point it’s gonna look beautiful you know I used
watercolor for this my original intention was to use a critic mix of
watercolor but I ended up just sticking to watercolor and using my pencil brush
I got some new watercolor paper from hobby craft as well which I forgot to
include in the hall but it was just cold pressed normal paper once all the color
was done I used a fine liner a very very fine fine liner to outline the detail
just to make everything pop it’s really hard not to get anxiety when you’re
doing line art because you can’t really undo any mistakes I think everyone’s a
Jim Henson found really if you like Kermit the Frog then you’re Jim Henson
the man who doesn’t like Kermit I also did this background thing using the
markers and cling film technique and this one was one of the fails because it
had all these blue marks from the markers I guess but I turned it into a
fairy drawing and I quite like it I’ve been working on quite a bit of art
behind the scenes as well and slowly trying to get to the point where I can
open an online store this is something I want to happen in the next month or two
I’ve been meaning to since before I went on my road trip but then something came
up so I’ve had a little bit of a backtrack but yeah hopefully I can have
an art store and start selling my wares sometime soon thank you so much for
watching comment below if you’re a big Jim Henson labyrinth
luring spam who is it and I will see you next time


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