Drawing Eyes! · 1-Hour in My Sketchbook · SKTCH1HR #8

Hello guys and welcome back to my
sketchbook. For this hour-long session, I decided to do a couple of studies of
eyes. I used a couple of references that I found on Pinterest so I’ll leave links
to those below in case you want to try these out for yourself. I’ll also have
information as always about the things I’m using but I started out with just
with this- I think it’s a polychromos pencil- and I’ll have the name of the
colour listed below because I can’t remember it off the top of my head. I’m
using my Moleskine sketchbook as always, and later on I actually decided to go in
with my Daniel Smith watercolours as well. But, as I said, detailed information
will be below if you’re interested. I just started out sketching here, just
to warm up a little bit. And you might be able to see the pages quite
textured and that’s because I have gesso’d it for my last video- I think it’s
one of my last videos – where I tried oil painting for the first time. I wanted to
prepare a few surfaces to paint on just in case I was in the mood to do it in
the sketchbook, so I gesso’d the page and that gave it quite a rough texture
to sketch on, which was a bit worried about at first but I think it actually
gave a nice feel to the drawing and more of a grainy feel to it. And I apologise
for the overhead shots going in and out of focus, I do to fix that eventually- I
think that’s me fixing it now actually- I just had the autofocus focus on and
forgot to turn it off but it should be alright now.
I was planning actually on watercolouring this. I was only gonna do
one drawing and I was gonna do it in pencil and then cover up with watercolour
but I liked this sketch so much as it was that I decided to just leave it. So I
actually ended up doing another eye, which I’m starting now, and this one I
started with the intention of watercolouring it after I had sketched it. I
really love the look of watercolour on top of pencil sketch and then also
pencil details on top of watercolour paintings as well. I really like this one.
I did find a little bit more difficult, I think maybe it was knowing that I was
gonna watercolour it or maybe I just didn’t pick the right sections. I don’t
know- I didn’t find it as easy to stylise as I did with the first one. But I will
say that this was a very good art day. You know how you have good hair days or
bad hair days, this was a good art day. It just all went quite smoothly. I was
really happy with how everything was going, and I did actually end up
continuing this art day. I did another eye that isn’t in this video, that’ll be
the next video. I’ll talk about that a bit more later on. One thing that I
struggle with a little bit is eyelashes but even even in this case I felt like
it wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t too hard. It’s just one of those days where things
tend to go quite well. So yeah, I didn’t have too much trouble with it and I was
really happy with how it went. The only issue that I really had was the
light going in and out as you probably just saw, but even that’s quite a a minor
thing. And then I went in with the watercolours. I have a few colours in here
and I just really like how they look together. I think I only stuck to
a terracotta-orangey colour, and Potter’s Pink, Payne’s Grey and
Sap Green. And I think- if I’m remembering right- those are the only colours I used. I
say ‘if I’m remembering right’, I did this earlier today so I don’t know why I
can’t really remember. I did also use-… I feel like there was one more colour… oh
yeah, I used a tiny bit of like an ultramarine blue in the eye, the iris
itself. But other than that, I kept it quite simple and just right at the end I
added a few little freckles and details and I think that always helps to just
add a little bit of realism. Overall, I was really happy with this. I just
thought it came out really nicely. The eye itself looked nice and realistic- and apologies if I’m getting distracted; I am recording my voice over in bed and
Thierry is walking all over me right now. Yeah as we come to the end of this one,
as I was saying before, I decided to carry on this painting
session- which was always my plan. I needed to pre-record because I will be
off- in fact, when you’re watching this, I will actually be in Berlin. So I wanted
to have a video up for you guys and I also wanted to have something filmed to
get up later on in the week. And I wanted to try using oils again for the second
time, so the first time since my last video.
So having prepped these pages already, I thought would be a great opportunity to
do so, and since I had a little bit extra time here within this hour, I
decided to sketch out what would be the base for the next video. So this is just
another quick I sketch and I’m gonna go over this with oil paints, but you’ll
have to wait maybe three or four days to get to see that. But otherwise guys, thank
you so much for watching. Thanks so much for joining me, and I hope you enjoyed
this video. Lovely and short and sweet. And I hope it
inspires you to get your sketchbook out and maybe draw some eyes for yourselves.
Only takes a little bit, but it’s worth a little bit of practice. So thanks again
for joining me and I will see you soon for the next video. Bye!


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