Easy Mini Notebook from ONE sheet of Paper – NO GLUE – Mini Paper Book DIY – Easy Paper Crafts

Welcome back to Red Ted Art. Today, I’m
going to show you how to make these cute little mini booklets out of one sheet of
paper. They’re really fun and simple to make and they’re really cute to decorate!
You can use them for little stories or give a little best friend or a little
diary. I think they’re absolutely adorable! So come on let’s take a
look, and see how they’re made! It is raining heard hear at RedTed HQ but we still want to craft, especially on a rainy day! To make your little booklet you will need just one sheet of paper. I’ve got paint on my fingers (ignore that)!! And you will need some scissors. Then we can
decorate them whichever way you want. To begin with you will need to fold this
bottom part up. This is an a4 sheet of paper, but any rectangular sheet
of paper will work. The dimensions will just look slightly different. We’re
bringing this up and we’re making as neat a crease as possible. Nice and
sharp. Now we’re going to fold up again. Make a nice neat crease. Use your nail of your finger nail. Open it all up and fold your paper in the other direction this
time. Again line everything up. I’ve still got painty fingers that’s
what I’ve been doing some projects with my son! Which has been fun! Then we
fold over again. We’ve been making more pokeballs . And… fold that… now open it all up and… you should have 16 rectangles. You
need to fold it back into the middle, and you’ve got three lines running across. So
I’m going to cut up to that center crossing. As neat as you can up to center
crossing… like so. When you open it up… this
time you cut the the two middle parts. You cut the center line. If you’ve done really
neat creases you can probably tear these. So you don’t even need scissors to do
this craft, but I think it is a bit easier with scissors. It avoids
ripping things by accident. Now you have this hole in the middle, This
big flappy hole. What you do is you lift your rectangles up from the center. And
fold them out like this. And like this. You bring it over. Flip up. Flip
down. Now flip it one more time towards yourself. It’s very important you
get that flip right. Open this up. Push these together. Fold down and make your creases. You now should have eight pages. One two three four five six seven eight. There’s your little booklet. |Now, it is really important that you get that last fold right. If you fold it in the opposite direction, you will end up with
five pages and it doesn’t quite work. The very last thing to do now,
is really just to decorate!So I’m just going to line this up with this one you
know you can decorate them any way you want. I’m going to make this into a little sleeping bunny and it’s really cute. I’ve also got a hole punch and a some glue stick. But you don’t have to you can
just use pens or join us you don’t have to decorate it at all. But I fancied doing
it this way. Makes it kind of kind of cute and there you have your little booklet. (Music starts). With a total of 16 pages made out of one sheet of pape. With no glue apart from the
decorating. Now remember do watch instructions really closely because if
you get that final fold in the opposite direction you won’t get as many pages to
write on. But I think they’re really simple and really fun and cute to make. Yeah! Make them. Give them your friends and write some little stories! Anyway.. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT &SUBSCRIBE And of course.. see you here again soon! BYEEEE (Music playing)


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