EASY Painting joints in the corner of the room

This is done like this, everything should
be at hand, a brush, a small soft, masking tape, acrylic with a gun, a small jar of water,
and paint. One wall should be painted, and accordingly
dried, we glue a teip on it (masking tape to me so familiar), with a slight indentation
from an angle of 1-2 mm, who has how much experience, glue evenly, and the angle, respectively,
is better to be even. Put the acrylic in the corner, as thin as
possible, and dip your finger in some water, smooth it with your finger, taking off the
excess, you can wait a while, making a couple more of these angles, with the preliminary
After pasting with teip, after 5 minutes you can paint thinly and accurately, then remove
the teap. The walls should be prepared perfectly so
that then you do not cut it all out, the wall or lay in the corners should be pre-painted. You can also make a corner, you can draw it’s
a pure angle. Even if the walls are painted in one tone,
the corners are drawn in the same way, but without teip. Later I’ll go from another computer, drop
the pictures, I felt that such a question would arise, I’ve taken it off. There really is a case with wallpaper, but
there’s no difference, the main thing is that teip was not very sticky was better about

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