ELSA VS MALEFICENT PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE. We Make Dora, Genie, Pikachu and Toy Story.

Later in this video. One, two, three. Hello my friends, I’m
Elsa . and today I’m so excited because I’m
going to do the pancake, art challenge. with my little si- – your friend Maleficent. what! Malificent, what are you doing here? I heard somebody was
cooking pancakes so – yeah i am – so i could
just check it out. I’m doing a challenge,
like I said with somebody else, not you, you may
know her and she has, two pigtails, right red pigtails. Oh, you mean two horns and trust me, I always
love a good challenge. Ugh, yeah you are
challenging but, anyway we’re doing the pancake
art challenge and I guess you’re as good as a competitor as
anybody else. ha ha ha ha! Are you good at making pancakes? We’re going to find out, but I think I can
get you Elsa. Mmmh, We’ll see about that. So, the judges will give us a picture to try
and recreate and draw using these pancake mixes of different colors, and whoever does
the best drawing, well we’ll cook it, you know, flip it over, and then the judges get to vote
who did the best job. Amazing! I can’t wait. And do I get to eat some? Um, I mean yes, sure, once we’ve like gone
through it and the judges have judged, maybe you will have a little pancake party at the
end… So, what happens when I win? Well, the winner just gets to be the winner
and nobody said you’re gonna be the winner, it could be me too but the loser of the challenge,
they have to eat a hot pepper pancake made by the winner! Uuuuuh Whooo…I definitely don’t want that to be me. Oh, well – Oh there’s my little sis now, you
can leave now. Hi Elsa? I’m sorry I can’t do the challenge because
I’m going on safari with Belle. What! Yeah, I’m actually – I’m the one who invited
Maleficent over here. ha ha ha ha, don’t worry, she found the best
competitor for you. Uuuh this ain’t a very good substitute, but
I guess, okay, well have fun and be safe. Well, I did bring you these though, this is
the art you’re gonna have to do for the pancakes but no peeking okay? okay. okay. Here we go and we’ll flip them one by one,
no cheating, no peeking and have snow much fun. Have snow much fun, Bye, Bye! Alright Maleficent, since you’re not going
anywhere, are you ready to get started. Can’t wait. Okay, do you want to pick the first one? Yes. All right go ahead, flip over our first…
let’s see here. To the determined drawing. Ooh, Pikachu! Pikachu? Yeah, Pika… can you do a Pikachu impression? Pika Pika… Ooh thats good. pikaa..chu! Ok lets get it Ok, so we’re definitely
gonna need yellow, so I have that standing by
and also I’m thinking a little red, a little black and a little
brown. Ready to do this? Wow! All right, let’s do it. Pretty chunky… this eye balls. He he! Oh, Oh my Gosh. Am making a bunny rabit. What do you think Pikachu is, like what kind
of animal? Oh, that’s a good question, some kind of little
rodent rat guy. I heard he was a squirrel. Really with that a lightning tail. Mmmh, that’s what I heard the creator made
it based off it, mine’s looking the fiercest. I’m not gonna lie, you might have some serious
competition here Maleficent. Maybe, bring it on Elsa here we go.Do you
think i just ruined it? Uh ha ha ha, oh oh what’s wrong? I don’t know,i dont think this is gonna work. No. Mmh, we’re gonna turn it up, you know who
my favorite is? Who? Jigglypuff. I like Jigglypuff. And Mr.Mime. Yeah, um, I mean I’m really digging Pikachu
right now, because of Detective Pikachu that’s out in theatres . Who knew that me and Maleficent
could just sit here and make pancakes together and get along and it’s just great. Don’t speak too soon. That’s true. I’m scared Elsa’s got a good Pikachu guys. Okay all right it’s coming up, better than
I thought. Oh there, his ear came up. Did you turn your heat up mine up? Yes, yes i turned it up. Turning mine up, turning mine up. He has to be burning man. Burning man. For you babe. Do you guys like the Joe Broz. Which one’s your favorite? Mmmh, Real talk with Maleficent, who is
your favorite Jonas brother go? Well I have a complicated answer because it
used to be Joe. Which one’s that? He’s the middle one? Oh right right. But now my favorite’s Nick. Uh. My Pikachu is burning I have to, I have to
help him, uno dos tres. Oh my goodness, oh my gosh she’s very cute. He’s a cute. He’s a keeper. All right Malleficent not too shubby, this
is snow much fun. Did you just say what I thought you said? Mmmh, uugh! We’re rubbing off on each other. Uh Oh. You can’t rush greatness, you know, it’ll probably
fall apart, but- I don’t even want to eat him. Yours is very cute, he has a very cute smile on his face. I mean, he’s not cute at all coz nothing’s
cute and I don’t like any cute things…. Yeah right, what do call Diablo, he’s
not cute? I don’t think I’ve ever heard Malificent so
giddy in my life. You’re bringing out a new side of me because
we’re doing pancake Pikachu’s. Yeah we are. Woo, my has some wrinkles. Who do you believe has best Pikachu? Mine has some wrinkles happening. Ma.. you’re certainly looks happier, mine
is an unsure Pikachu. I Just should have made a villian Pikachu. Okay, it’s that time Maleficent, drumroll. Okay let’s present them in
three, two ,one Pikaa…. Pikachu. Wow, not too shabby. They are pretty cute Now that is a really good job, yours is so
happy and cutter and I just wanna pet him. Okay, Pikachu done. We both did a great job,
pretty good strong start, now time for the next character. Dan dan dan. Here we go. You ain’t never had a friend like him. Genie. I also have like a question, do you have
hair? Why do you always care about my hair Elsa. I’m just curious. My nose came out a little weird. Hey Maleficent, if you were a genie… Mmmh. What color would you be, would you be blue? Good question, I love the color turquoise. Fun facts with Malificent, she actually has
a different favorite color. Should have a pizza party and you’d like, let’s have pizza
party but let’s do it the old-fashioned way where you don’t try and take over my kingdom,
you know. It’s like if you put both of the genie hairs
together it’d look like horns. Yes, you’re right. You’re right. I like horns, they’re kind of my thing. Elsa what’s your favorite song? Well, I would say… Ice Ice Baby by
Vanilla Ice. Ha ha ha . My Genie does not need a hair cut. One, two, three. Uuuh, quick connect
it. You know, I don’t hate his face. His face is
so cute, you did a really good job on the face. Oh, same thing happened. Its hard because our gridle is not long so- We
should have cooked them sideways. Yep. I think yours is pretty good. Yours is really ugly, I’m not – yours is amazing. One, two, three… wooo, Look how good those
look. Oh my gosh! They’re – they’re pretty great. These are magical pancakes, I would eat both
of them, if I didn’t think yours had like magic spell on them, but – Should we make them
come to life? Yeah. And then we could grant each other our wishes Here we go. Who are we gona get, who are we gona get? Oooh, Dumbo. Oh my gosh, he’s soo cute. Look how cute Dumbo is. OK, ready, go. I don’t even know where to begin on this guy.
Elsa… Yeah. Besides pancakes, what’s your favorite breakfast
food? Oh, um waffles with peanut butter. I could even draw this with a pencil let
alone pancake batter. What’s your favorite animal. Like I love Elephants and they’re pretty high
up there on the ranking. yep. But – well, here’s a surprise, my number one
favorite animals are Otters, and then – Wait Otters, what! I know…sometimes. Breaking news everybody Maleficent – Don’t tell
them. News flash… What? I’m a crazy cat lady. Mine is good to have a gigantic head, with
little baby arns. Thats okay. I’m ready, uum. I forgot something. Now, that’s gonna be bad, wait. Let me just keep going with this face, he’s gonna
crazy face if I don’t – How much do your fingers hurt
right now when squeezing the bottles? Haaaa-
honey boo, française. No. No, but I do know ASL. American Sign Language? Yes. Oh my God, its soo neat.
I spell most already, M-A-L-I…. oh wait, am so…. How do you spell it? I do know, listen M-A-L-E-F-I-C-E-N-T, nice to
meet you. Oh my gosh W-O-W. Wooo.. I love his little legs, they’re so cute. You have great legs. Thanks, Oh Dumbo. Ha ha. I thought you were talking about me. Thanks. 1 2 3, Wooo. Dumbo flying- Oh you almost fell of the plate. We did a modified job. We did a great job, high-five Maleficent. Oh, before she changes her mind. Thats Woody! from Toy Story 4. Woody, ok, I like this one. Uh oh. Oo oo, Oh Oh. … Maybe me and Buzz Lightyear would be good friennds. Can you do a good impression of him? No, I don’t think so, can you- To infinity
and beyond! Ok that was sad. Is that – so it comes out better? That’s just what you do and you think you’re
doing a good job. Oh, you think this one is your best one yet? No, I just saw yours ughh. Oh oh oh. Okay who would you say your best
friend is, Gaston? Ugh. Gothel? Besides Diablo. I would go with Gothel. Alright let’s – okay, if you just glance like,
they look pretty similar, like we may have a tie on this round. Hey, looking good Woody, you look so good Woo, go Woody go go. 1 and a 2 and a 3. Woo, Look how good, we can be in Toy Story
4, we could draw for them, maybe we should call some people. Yeah. An anime and ask them if they want a pancake. I’d love to. A rendition of the movie. Last round, it’s the fifth round. Woody is
out, and our next character is in, Maleficent and who shall it be? Woody, goodbye. Last one for all the marbles…
Dora. Oh she’s so cute. Okay, I’m so super jazzed for the new live-action,
Dora the Explore movie. Dora, energy, please. OK. The Explorer, Dora explorer. Here we go, Dora the Explore. Somebody loves Dora, I caught you! How’s it going over there? Oh it’s going, it’s going. I believe this is our last one. I mean, no, time flies when you’re having fun
with your friends you know? No, okay I tried. Woo, please do not – Oh I’m sorry you’re feeling
it. Yeah – Am sorry, am sorry, am sorry. I was just feeling jazzy. It looks so good, it is like almost exact
same size to as the actual character on the sheet. This might be your best one yet. I don’t know. Never seen you sing. Sing for us.
Oh, she’s jamming. Do you play any other instruments? No. I should know about like horns… french horn Ooops, In two. And one… Oh, she has seen better days. Ha ha ha, she’s pretty good, she’s pretty
good. Uh, well, here we go. Its gonna – its gonna fall. Uh, oh my gosh, yours is the bomb.com holy –
holy cow. Am a little proud of myself right now. That is so good, you have to see it up close,
mine is… Well it’s Dora. Ok, 1 and a 2 and a 3, Dora! Okay, yours this a good, mine, well my fingers
are in the way. I like you are you like
she’s just like a younger Dora. Shes just – like a baby Dora. I just messed her up because she tried to
fly off my plate, but that’s okay. All right let’s recap our characters, Pikachu
first round, Pikachu.. We got all of our fun pancake art, the judges
say…? Uh, Pikachu. You have a really good Pikachu. Okay, the next one closest to me is Dora,
but it was the last round. Dora. And that one goes to Maleficent, for sure
she definitely got that one. Thanks, I am proud of my Dora. And then the next one I have in my hand is
Woody. Woody. Who’s it gonna be? Who’s it gonna be? Well,
mine but just probably because the hat’s still on. Yep, yep my hat completely separated- But
your’s really good, really good okay? He’s a happy guy. Who’s it gonna be? Yours. Yes, yes yes. Okay you’re just super cute. I got Dumbo and Dora. Okay, it all comes down to the Genie, who will
get three wishes, win the game and who will be the loser? Oh man. Drumroll please? Woo, yes, yes yes yes. Elsa won .Good job, good job, a round
of applause to you. Good job to you Elsa – Because you did really
good. Umm, okay so you know what that means right? The
loser has to eat some hot pepper pancakes. You will hold my characters and I will
make you a yummy delicious pepper pancake. Are you ready? Uugh, I’ve never been ready for this. Okay here we go. Whoops, it kind of came out a little fast,
that was – that was – Opps! Okay, so what color would you like? What’s
your favorite color, pick your poison. Not real poison, like pick your favorite color. Let’s go with the blue cuz it’s fun, I can’t
believe I am eating a pepper pancake. I can. Woo, it’s making my eyes burn, I’m gonna do
a little yellow. Oh my. Don’t you worry, one pepper pancake coming
up hot. Ugh, aa aaa. Woo, a little more blue around the outside, and
we’re cooking. Ho ho ho ho ho ho, that little – hot pepper is just moving
around like a big volcano glob. Ugh. You know it does taste pepper everywhere. It’s really coming together you know, some
people might eat that. I wouldn’t suggest it ever, pepper’s getting
to be… You ready. Ready to eat, got an empty plate? Here move Dora. Good bye Dora. She’ll play Pikacha. If you wont mind to. Bon Appetit and a little – Can you see this?
We don’t need more pepper, Elsa… Woo spicy Maybe I suggest – I suggest not… I want some salt with this pepper pancake. I’m sorry in advance, the judges made me –
Oh there we go, look. Oh my gosh, maybe eat the other side. Eat the other side, just one tinny bit, just
don’t like, careful. Maybe to the other side. Oh no, am nervous am nervous..Uu ha ha ha ha. I cant believe she did it. Holly Jemolly, she did it. Is it good? No its not good, Elsa. I was hoping it was because
you almost eat it like a snack, like you liked it. And then I was like woah. Mmh. Its like spicy and really really rotten. Yeah, okay well, don’t put pepper on your
pancakes. If you think that my pancakes were better
and I should do this for her tomorrow? Let me know. Okay, what other challenges should we do,
let us know in the comments and – Make sure to LIKE this video, Subscribe and hit that
Bell notification. Woo, it’s like she’s done this before. Awesome
job, great job on your characters, comeback soon Byee! Hello my friends, I’m Jenn and I’m here with
one of my really good friends. Jolyne. And guess what we’re doing today? We are making pancakes. Woo, based off of be Incredibles 2, super
excited. I’ve never done this before, so we’ll see
how it goes. Yeah, this is gonna be super fun, so we are
creating pancakes based off the dolls, for the new movie. So we are gonna see a photo, we’re gonna try
and recreate it and then we have to decide, and you at home have to decide whether we
nail it or fail it or failed it. Okay, so I have an idea… Mmmh. Let’s do – Waiting, waiting waiting. OK, hold on i got…. Are you mixing them up? I am. We gonna bake, we gonna bake. Okay, I have two Incredibles characters, based
on the dolls behind my back. Not the real ones but photos, right or left? Left. So my left, AKA this one. You are drawing… what are you drawing? Edna, What! Edna. And i am making Jack Jack. Look at this little guy. Oh my gosh – he is so cute. He is so cute. Alright. He’s cuter. So I’m gonna start with white as an outline. Crazy. Goodluck, I’m gonna do… So over here black, but
am still gona outliner her face. Ummh. This is so fun, it’s like we’re drawing
but it’s edible and I love it. I would do – I would do all the outline of
everything and if you want your eyes to be black, then do those first. Jen, tell me a joke? Okay, mmmh, a joke? A joke. Oh my gosh, I only did the face. Can i borrow this please? I love the sound of this sizzling. I know and then once it starts like really
really sizzling and bubbling up, that’s when you know it’s like almost good. Iit’s almost
go time, to flip it. To flip out and you can borrow any of this
if you may need them. Okay ,I’m gonna think about a joke. I thought we were only doing the face. Oh no, no it’s okay. I didn’t know, I actually almost did only the
face. Just do whatever your little heart desires. Do you just die the pancakes. Yeah, you just – you make your pancake better
peruse and then you’re just put a little food coloring in. [?]like to her body. Or her head. Or this side o her head. Opps! Oooh, her hair fell off. We can fix it. Its Ok, we can fix it, we can definitely
fix it. Oh my goodness, this looks so good . Mmmh,
you did a great job, here turn it around, careful careful, [?], there’s the other
part of her hair. Okay. And then… Uuuh. Okay, maybe I’ll turn it down a little bit,
now that it’s like… Wow, his shoe may fell up actually I think
I am gonna – Oh my goodness his shoe just feel up. He looks so cute. He’s a little toasty, he really was fighting
crime in the Sun, for a long time. Oh yeah, we did it. Woo, round one it’s basically done. I love it. Okay, now makes sense, they look kind of good
when you f lip them. Yeah, you know. Yeah, they really kind of actually look like
a Picasso, or even – Yeah. -Yeah they look like a Picasso which means,
that we are incredible. Alright. Pancake art right? Yes. Okay, now it’s time to vote, seriously. Did we nail it or did we fail it? What did you think? Let us know on the comments. Vote, vote, vote, let us know in the comments. Yeah, I miss little- You know what, this hair. You know what and it’s your first time ever
making pancake art, so I feel like you nailed it. Hold on, let me grab the paper. Evidently they’re both on the same paper,
so I’m just gonna go around and round, and i may stop in the left one. Which is hard. You got Elasti girl. She’s beautiful I must say. AKA the Mum and I got mr Incredible. Wow! Are we gonna try to draw their whole bodies. Yeah. No, actually do whatever you want. Oh goodness. You are trying. I’m just still getting a hang of this whole
pancake thing. You’re gonna love it. We need really fine line ones. Mmmh. Lets make thinner lines, it will be fun. Just let it go with the flow. Yeah. I decided to give him a little style, so I
actually did his costume a littler more purplie instead of the black. You have different wardrobe options. Yeah you can. We are reinventing him. Right. It’s what art is. Oh she’s got big eyeballs. What are you gonna do? I know he has big eyeballs, that too. And he has big eyebrows now. So, mmmm… What else, what else? Am i – am i an artist? I just – You doing good. Am I a brilliant genius. Yeah, you just hadn’t tried pancake art before. You never know what you’re gonna be good at
until you try. So true. I’m going a little interpretive, because i believe what we have is more of a teal, So am using a teal and since you were using the
black I thought… You know what, he maybe worth silver purple. Maybe he’s trying to be sleek and like cool. The update on his look, well drawn. Whoops. Man down. And then she has – I always feel worst when
you have to draw the fingers. It’s like – do you guys ever feel like that? You feel very good and then you have to draw the phalanges. And then the only alien hands come out, ET fingers come – Yes. Come to visit. Ooh, she’s looking fierce. Bam, superhero! Mmmh. I just went waist up, like that’s all I did. Oooh, I might do a little something extra. what about the middle of his chest is like an exclamation
point, but it’s upside down. Yeah, It’s an eye. Is it? Incredible. Oooh, Its upside down like its exclamation. Is it ready? I don’t know, might not be. I just get excited. I think that’s – I think
she gonna have to flip it more than once. Okay, you know guys, you just gotta go with
it. Woo, her face looks so good. Shes soo pretty. So so hot. Look at that little boby, cute. Oooh, you can always glue them back together,
too. So, say you flip it and you’re doing this at home, and you like ”Oh no my pancakes fell apart.” You can always just – if it’s still on low
heat, you could just fill in the gaps, like glue with your pancake mix. No hair don’t care. may I use yours for a second? Gracias. Woo, woo. Oh my gosh, his nose got pushed in, ha ha. Oh yeah, looking good man. Oh goodness. Who needs dolls when you have pancake people. That’s what I’m saying. Yep. Okay well, I think as this cook, we have something
serious to discuss. Did we nail it or fail it? I don’t know, we gotta vote. It’s close. Let us know what you think, who did better. Let us know in the comments right now. Yeah. Mr. Incredible nailed it, failed it. Me, in between. Uuh, Elasti girl a.k.a Mrs. incredible. Nailed it, failed it? Let us know? Also we want to know what other characters
should we make. Should we do this again and if so, what other cool characters should we
make? Like maybe we can make like Harley Quinn and
Wonder Woman? Oooh, that would be fun. Maybe we could make like, I don’t know. some random people like Elsa and Ariel or
something or- Yeah. I don’t know. Like that would be really fun. I’m not really close with those characters
but – Yeah me neither. But i know who they are. There’s so many options, but definitely let
us know in the comments and what should they do… like to this channel like subscribe… Hit the like button. Mmmh, hit the like button you guys-
and make sure you guys you turn on…. Your bell notifications. So you can be you can be notified about all
the cool yummy, fun, stuff that we do here so you don’t miss a thing. Yeah, hit the like button if you want us to
do more fun challenges together. Thanks. Bye guys. Yeah, we should open instead of like
lemonade, say we should open a pancake stand, and just like as people are walking by, like
going to the park ”like hey one of my pancakes?” One pancake, $50. 4 Million Dollars. I can’t leave here, I wanna try that pancake,
you like it. She’s like a picture….


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