[Eng sub] 5min Easy Watercolor | the Hibiscus flowers

Hi there! Today I’m going to paint this hibiscus. First, there are five petals. There is also a set of stamens and a pistil sticking out in the center. It’s long, isn’t it? Seen from the side, the petals are shaped like leaves. And they are connected to the stem. Leaves vary in size and are attached to the stem in a spiral manner. Here is a bud. I combined and drew them together as seen here. Now I’m painting. First mix Vermilion and Opera Pink together into a vivid dark tone of red. Take plenty of the paint with the brush as usual, and use it for flat wash to let it bleed. In this way. Add more paint if you find some spots looking weak in color. Then the center of the flower. It’s deeply sunken here. Use Crimson Lake to paint in a dark tone. In contrast, remove some paint from the front area to make it look light. Then it looks like there’s a hole in the center. By scratching the surface, add a set of stamens and a pistil. When it’s dry, right here, paint the shadow where the petals are overlapped. Then the flower looks more three-dimensional. Another flower is behind the main flower and to be simplified. For the shady area of this flower, I’ll add Compose Blue. It’ll make darkish red like you see here. Connect the flowers with a line as a stem. Use the usual technique for the leaves. First paint the rough shape… …as you change colors so that the painting won’t look boring. Draw the veins by scratching the surface. Complete some details as well. Use some cool colors for the leaves in the back to produce a sense of space. After erasing unnecessary lines… …paint the stamens. The shape of these stamens looks really interesting! And then the yellow spots of the pistil. Here too paint stamens and a pistil. Let me remove some of the color of the flower because, as I’m finishing, I’ve just noticed the flower lacks depth. Then it will create some depth in the flower. With some more details…it’s done! I’ve painted hibiscus today. The key point is the vivid color of the flower. I used two colors to paint the flower. We tend to use a lot of colors to paint details, but I suggest limiting the number of colors to use as much as possible. Let’s continue to enjoy watercolor painting together. See you next time!


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