[Eng sub] How to paint watercolor Lesson 8 / Step by Step Painting 1 of 3 sections [ART JACK]

Hello everybody? Art Jack, this is Jack Kim. Today is the eighth lesson, the first of three sections. It is autumn soon. To study I brought a basic landscape painting.
Here is the sky and the tree. Lake Hill On the lake So that you can draw detailed pictures nearby Typical landscape painting.
There is a lotus leaf. Before drawing
I will mask first. If you look at the masking here, the trees Like this
Bright Tree Only, I’ll mask. And if you look here
Here, the pool Water lily grows like this The brightest part of the grass I’ll mask it with those parts. Masking liquid for “daler rowney”.
The masking liquid color is white. That is why it is difficult to distinguish it from paper color.
I added this masking I will paint the color. Slightly paint to make the masking visible
My own masking liquid. First, masking
Pour liquid Put on red paint like this
Put it in red paint like this Then the white masking liquid mixes with color
The color will change like pink That With such a masking brush only,
Mix it like this. The white masking liquid turned pink like this.
Now you see. So pink. Will change. With your own masking fluid, Please draw a tree. Do you see the tree well? You only need to paint bright tree branches. If you open up later on whether masking went well or not,
I know it best then. I don’t know well now. 4 When masking, than I thought,
Rather than the thickness I thought Painting on 30% less,
30% thin If you paint with that sense,
You can get better results. However, the bottom of the tree will get thicker. Then here are the water lilies. Water lilies are oval.
It is a long ellipse rather than uniformly To make it big and small, please draw it like this.
It was big and it was small. It’s going to be a little big coming out in front of it The temple will go sideways. As I progress, I’ll talk and I’ll rotate the screen quickly I’ve drawn this elliptical cluster of changes.
Grass grows on it. When you draw aquatic plants, you have to draw faster.
If you slow down, It is drawn crookedly.
You can speed it up like this, The raised parts will be the bright side Draw as thin as possible.
As thin as possible … It’s not just stretching over it, it’s a little bent,
I have to be a little bit So upwards only,
It feels like a hedgehog Please be careful.
There is a nearby place. Just feel free to drop it off here.
It may be a little thicker. This is near, so you can draw thick. Just be careful this way.
You draw it thinner. This may thicken a little. Don’t draw too much, just draw this much. There’s grass here, and there’s a lot of dark grass here.
But like this There are also bright parts. When you draw a thin thing, if your hands shake, Please use the little finger. Here, too, There is such a curved grass. Then there are floats floating on the surface. It can be called water lily or deciduous float, So neatly oval shaped parts
not, Just falling leaves, There are those floats scattered around. These aren’t crowded much. So overall
Just a little bit on the water You only need to draw a few.
like this, It looks a bit different from this shape. These floats, To help these floats exert their effects on the surface of the water, Surface of the water There’s a lot of masking left, so please take some care. I follow a lot of masking.
Too bad. As I said last time, masking is tangled up like this. Do you know how to mask this way? You can rub this on with this iron brush. Then the masking will run out of debris. Today I will only tell you this in a time relationship. I rubbed it like this in other videos So you can refer to it.
It goes off like this. But the thin brush may not come off well. The thick brush falls well, but the thin brush is so weak Rubbing with the iron brush remains a little like this. Those are like clothespins, You can take the clothespin and brush it carefully. It’s the last way I know. Then, I brought it back clean. Now I’m going to paint the sky. There is a little worried place. Here are the bright parts of the tree leaves. Should I mask this part?
  I was worried about this, I have some masking left. I will apply masking on the bright side of the tree leaves. In most cases, if the tree is dark, you do not need to mask it. When the leaves are bright trees, close to the sky, Oh so here we have a bright part of the tree
I’ll mask it and let’s go. Then it’s protected from the sky blue. It will remain white in paper color. It’s bright in the front and dark in the back. So you don’t have to do the back part. So that the brighter parts can form I’ll draw. It’s not that there’s no bright side at all. a little bit, Mainly forward. This tree is a little dark wood. So I’m just going to paint it a bit here. And there’s a tree on the side. The tree is dark here. The light is now shining from the left, so the right is dark. It was drawn dark. So I will not mask. “daler rowney” masking liquid is a good property. So it’s very thick. So it’s tangled like this. So that’s a little bad, It’s very powerful. So the quality is good. However, there is a property that the residue sticks well to the brush. The other masking liquid gets tangled up when used a lot. There are advantages and disadvantages. Those parts are a little different.
“daler rowney” products are tangled like this, So if you don’t care for it with iron brush
The brush will not work. Please keep in mind.
You should shake it off like this. But it was the best masking liquid I used. Before I mask it, let me explain this part, Now here’s the surface of the lake, the ground and the split, and the border. So the hill is so wide. But this hill is sloped this way, The hill reflects below this side, The faces are small, And in the back, the forest is formed like this This forest is reflected here. But this is covered by a hill I can only see it here, not the back. And this forest is a very boring forest, It is a forest without fun. Trees of the same size continue to line up like this. So boring, I’ve drawn two trees here to avoid boredom. In the photo there are no two trees. So these two trees can be reflected again I have to go in here, but not in the sketch. I’ll paint with paint later. If there is a point above the water surface, The top of the hill can be seen a lot, but the width of the hill reflected by the water is not wide. If I look at the surface of the water and the same height, The reflected height will be the same. But because I look above the surface of the lake, this height looks higher This height in the water looks small. I want to explain some of these.
Now to some extent The masking looks dry. Let’s start painting while painting from the sky. Water first, The sky is ultramarine and horizon blue, So the parts that see the sky become empty space The parts painted in blue become empty space, The white parts are now clouds Please leave the cloud part. Paint it like this. The water rides straight down like this. A little darker ultramarine Please You can go down to the forested area. Then put a piece of tissue together and put the bright cloud Wipe gently. There is a cloud here. And the clouds on the far horizon,
Fold the tissue like this. I need to fold it and spread it thinly.
So thin Then put it in a thin shape
It forms. The bottom part is where the forest should go in, but it’s been painted too much. It doesn’t matter how much you come down. This will wipe off the paint. The forest enters, but there are some clouds. So I think you can only do this. Then, before the water dries, I’ll draw the forest first. If you draw the cloud first, the water will dry out and you will not be able to express the forest in the distance. Check the forest area to some extent. A little lack of green Green
I’ll add green. Blur the tip like this when you downstroke. So it’s natural. Now over here, And put the tip a little bit like this so that it comes out a little jagged, Form it Here’s the grass up here, so the end. Please put the tip of the brush. The end is zigzag That’s a lot more natural. zigzag Repeatedly zigzag,
The trees don’t grow the same size like this. There are some trees There are also trees that go down, so … The color of the forest became dark. When it’s thick, you can wipe it and draw a picture. If the color of the forest is light, I’ll add some darker colors
Please draw it. When you draw it like this, you can draw the bright part by wiping it like this. There should be some parts that are light and some are dark. You can draw it like this to be the brightness of the forest. repeat, Today I have a lot of hair in the brush. The brush gets old when you use it a lot. The ingredient of the paint, There are some poisonous ingredients. like this
The hairs fall out like this. Wait until it dries and then later You can remove it
I like this There were two trees, where did you go? It was about here, it doesn’t matter. You can make it again.
You can make it like this. Is it easy?
So two trees. You just need to make space. Space of trees. Then I’ll cast a shadow on the cloud. Now, if you put a natural tint on a lavender, this is the color. With mixed colors, I will make the shadow color. Wipe it once with tissue, because there shouldn’t be too many. Put it on the lower side and paint it like that. It may be a little dark.
Paint it like this. It’s going to be the bottom part. Will the bottom be darker? Then wash the brush. Remove water from a brush with clear water. Then blur the shadow around the pre-drawn shadow. Then it will be a natural shadow under that cloud. like this Then the color became softer and the overall shape smoothed. So it’s going to get light at the top and it’s dark at the bottom. I hope it’s brighter in front of me. Then water like this
Buried, Please wipe it off, please remove the water. If water is left, it may stain, so be sure to remove. Clouds are made Because I do freely forward, and a lot of trees enter You don’t have to draw the clouds in detail. Because trees form this way. Even if you draw a cloud in detail, the tree is warmed on it. You don’t have to draw the clouds behind the trees. Instead, there’s a cloud over here. The couple drew hard. And this part also has some woody leaves, I want to draw with that idea.


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