Enjoy autumn days with art during 2019 Korea Art Week

time now for our life and info segment
where we focus on information that we do hope will be useful for you every day
like it is Thursday here in South Korea so we’re going to focus on culture and
the arts in this country and to introduce some fun events that are on
the horizon I’m delighted to say our Ameen son joins me in the studio today
good morning winsome hi mark today I’m going to introduce some events that are
suitable for for season it’s almost 2019 Korea Art Week which is a two week long
program run by Culture Ministry and Korea art Management Service to give
people more access to artworks like paintings installation art and video art
Korea Art Week has been held every year since 2015 and this year it will run
from September 25th next Wednesday to October 9th the event was organized to
increase people to get closer to the art and enjoy them this year’s event has two
themes which let’s go to it art galleries and led by art pieces let’s
hear from the organizer Korea Art Week aims to make on art more accessible and
hope to improve people’s political life through an understanding and enjoyment
of art and communication with art previous events for coastal exchanges
and their talking among artists but this year we have shifted our focus to
encourage visitors participation and enjoyment during the two weeks 258 art
museums and galleries across the country will take part and provide discounted
admission and various programs to invite more visitors to enjoy the art the main
branch and three other branches of the National Museum of Modern and
Contemporary Art will offer free admission and other art galleries will
offer discount of between 20 to 50% museums will also offer sight line event
called night at the museum ranging from music performances film screenings as
well as cooking or craft making classes in addition to free admissions to our
museums we’ll offer various different things including a novel reading event
an outdoor marketplace and a classical music performance since it’s autumn I
hope many people enjoy art week well min-sun it sounds like a great way to
check out one or more of South Korea’s many art galleries but what would you
say doing your research are the real highlights of the career heart week the
signature program is the art tribal program a total of 12 are tribal
programs are offered in eight cities including solar tats on Tonto and Busan
participant can check out several art galleries in a single day this was the
most popular program during last year’s art week so the organizers double the
size of the program and expanded the area to include regional cities beyond
Seoul and gyeonggi-do province for tours in Seoul and to Antigua and Busan are
offered as walking tours and these are free of charge six others are post-war
programs and will cost you between 2001 to ten thousand won a person which is
only around two to eight US dollars tour programs are offered at different sites
and dates so make sure to check our tweek website and make a reservation so
you don’t miss out well it’s ocean which is the best time I think personally to
travel in Korea it’s not too cold not too hot you can go and check out some of
the art galleries while you are enjoying the season at the start you mentioned
there are two different themes of this particular event the first one being
checking out our galleries but you didn’t mention the second one yet what
is that about yes on the second theme is buying art
pieces so to increase people to not only enjoy art but to buy and own their own
art pieces there are a number of art marketplaces and on Art Fair that will
be held the 18th Korea International Art we’ll be held from September 26th to
29th at the COEX Convention Hall in southern Seoul with over 170
participating art galleries from Korea and other countries the organizers will
also offer six art marketplaces in five cities the markets will offer artworks
mostly by Korean artists at a relatively low price most of the pieces will be
under 2 million won were about 1700 US dollars at the marketplace visitors can
also participate in talk shows with artists or enjoy music performances just
watching the video there while he was speaking mins on some of the art pieces
on display look really good and if the price is around seventeen hundred US
dollars you might find yourself a real bargain and who knows in a few years
time it could be worth a lot lot more than that if the artist really takes off
but it’s good to see that there are so many art galleries and hard events
happening around career particularly at this time of year like I say many more
people are willing to travel around I mean son as always thank you for coming
in yeah thank you for having me now with that we are going to take a quick look
at some cultural events some other ones that are coming up here in South Korea

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