Episode 6: Marguerite Humeau – Dior Lady Art #4

I have always liked
the idea of combining the aspect of hi-tech
with tradition. It’s my view of Dior and it’s also why I
wanted to work on this project. I wanted to create a piece
that would appear to come from a different time, a different spatio-temporal
dimension. Ultimately, exactly
like a spectrum. 3D printing was established quite quickly. This printer constructs
bags one millimetre at a time. We received this first prototype. This colour is the colour
of the raw material. Looking at it
with the Dior team, we told ourselves that this material
perfectly illustrated the idea we had in mind
since the beginning of creating an ambiguous material that both
alludes to marble which was often used
in the history of sculpture to represent
mythological scenes. At the same time, because the surface reveals
a type of fabric that almost
reminds us of weaving, which also creates the illusion
that the bag is really a drape that has been crystallised

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