Epoxy Resin Clear Coat for Artwork: ArtResin®

In this video we’ll teach you how to use ArtResin
epoxy resin. ArtResin is a two-part clear liquid that turns
to a rock-hard, glass-like finish when you mix both parts together. It’s easy to do and the results are amazing. So let’s get started. ArtResin can work on any medium, so today
we’ll be coating this piece: it’s an acrylic painting on a wooden panel. You’ll want to have ready your: ArtResin,
scrap paper to catch drips, stands to hold up your piece, a level, painter’s tape, nitrile
gloves, mixing cups or containers, a stir stick, a spreader, something to cover your
piece with to protect it from dust while the resin cures, and as an option, an artist’s
torch. To start, tape the underside of your piece
to protect it against drips. Raise your piece up on stands so that it doesn’t stick to the
table top. And then you’ll want to make sure that your work is level. Now, how do you determine
how much resin you’ll need? Our online calculator will do the math for
you. This piece is 16 by 16 inches, so that’s
about 2 square feet. Our Starter Kit covers 8 square feet so I’ll
only need to mix up a quarter of it — 4 ounces from this bottle, and an equal amount 4 ounces
from the other. The ratio is 1 to 1 so you can visually measure
the amount you need. Stir for 3 minutes, scraping the sides and
bottom to make sure you get everything mixed thoroughly Now for the fun part! Pour the ArtResin mixture right onto your
work… and spread it out! Our reusable jagged spreaders
are great for this. It’s totally fine if the resin runs over
the sides. We’ll show you how to finish the edges in a moment. Next let’s take care of any bubbles. ArtResin is great because many of the bubbles
pop on their own. You can blow on the stubborn ones, or use an artists torch to speed up the process. You can actually see them popping in front
of your eyes. Once that’s complete, you can spread the
resin on the edges with a spreader, or with your gloved hand. If you don’t want to coat the sides you
can just spread it neatly on top. So you have about 45 minutes to play with
the resin. After that, it starts to cure and will continue
to cure for the next 24 hours. So cover it up with a cardboard box and wait
patiently! It’s the next day. Let’s see how it looks! Amazing, it looks and feels like glass–only
much less fragile! Try it out on your:
photos, paintings, woodworking, mixed media, sculpture, glass, encaustic, drawings, jewelry,
crafts, anything you can imagine! We formulated ArtResin from the highest quality
materials to enhance your projects and ensure your safety. It’s non toxic, has no VOCs or fumes, and
is chemically engineered to offer the most efficient yellowing protection on the market. So go ahead and get creative!

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