Excel Pixel Art

Normally for Excel I would have Greg make the video … because he’s the Excel guru, but for this, I want to show you how simple it is. If you have students or children that love pixel art, Excel is a great place to do it. The first thing I’m going to do … is select CTRL A because I want to make my columns a … little bit more square-like and now all I have to do is use the fill tool to fill in boxes … to make some art. So let’s say I’m going to go very basic and I’m going to do a smiley face and then I’m going to drag that and let’s go five boxes across. Now maybe for the next row I’ll grab another and go more boxes across. and I can continue doing this or I could create a Pacman. For me, when I was in school, I always seem to draw a tree. So I could change this to … green and then just continue.. You’ll notice if you drag the corner, you can drag a color across. You can also drag that color down. So you could fill in larger areas quickly or just select a … whole area and dump the color in. And now I might want to switch it to brown. and create a tree trunk. Grab my square and then I have a tree trunk. Farily simple and the kids seem to really enjoy doing … the pixel art. The other thing is I could … select my columns again if I have trouble with the visual. I can make my squaresand larger and again, CTRL A gives you full control over resizing a large amount.

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