Exhibiting IB Artwork in Sarajevo

I hi I’m tremenda art teacher we are in Sarajevo at the bosnic Institute we’ve got four students here today presenting the artwork I hope you guys like it hi my name is Cameron shetler and the underlying theme of my work is fear of a predator giggling past day of oblivion oftentimes we came over what we’re afraid of because we don’t put what where it rather than perspective and my art intends to bring things out of proportion out of perspective and make the viewer look at things in a different way how far would I really do is you make it relevant and market commercialize upon the theme of my artwork is a combination of harmony and chaos I first started with religion and cultural misconceptions then evolved into the concept of identity and race so the general theme of my work is inequality I focused the beginning primarily on economic and income inequality and then it expanded it incorporate different types of inequality into my work including oppression and the form of protest so my name is Ronnie and my theme surrounds around radial beauty and how we perceive Beauty where are the ssdna how do we create duty so this is the prior testimony today I crafty and they’re both to make it their personalities and how we are produced by nature and by our society coming fellas near setting up an exhibition in a 500 year old commands like that just never occurred to me before I’ve ever come to you

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