Explore the gardens of Stoneywell, an arts and crafts gem

I’m Joe, the gardener here at Stoneywell. I’m going to show you some of my favourite spots. All the bluebells were introduced from Stoneywell woods which has got a real natural carpet of them. Donald and Anne Gimson lived here from 1953 as permanent residents. It was Anne who was labelled by Donald as Head Gardener here. She was the one who had a real
fondness for plants. In particular herbaceous borders. It was Donald more so. It was his job and
his passion for the trees and the shrubbery. This is the fort area One of the highest spots in the garden. A real hang out. This is the kitchen garden. The walled garden. Quite an early development in the garden really. Again it’s pre-war and the wall came in a few years later to keep the pesky rabbits out. These were some of the first rhododendrons to be planted. All from seed 150 mark in terms of different species of rhododendron. It’s quite a show now, as you can see. I think if you’re talking about favourite bits of the garden I do like, this is the chestnut bed. So named because it had a chestnut here. It kind of reflects the naturalised planting that they still used in Stoneywell. Suitable for the surroundings. I think I just like the way that the
plants flow into each other, and it’s kind of an oasis. Come and relax. A place that’s away from, at the time, the industrial cities. And I think it still has that quality about it now. This was the Gimson’s holiday home and retreat, and hopefully it can be enjoyed by many more people from now on.

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