FAIRY GODMOTHER’S MAGIC ART CLASS. Elsa Anna, Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella and Aurora live the art.

Later in this video… Bippity Boppity boo! Oh my gosh! How did they get stuck in a painting? Are you guys ready for my favorite class of the day?
It’s art class time. Look what I’ve been working on.
Rapunzel, you’re such a good artist. You always know how to draw a crowd.
That’s hilarious, Cinderella. Oh, Oh!
Do you know how artists great each other? How?
Yellow! Okay, okay guys.
I get the picture. Wait a second.
Where’s Miss Easel? It’s been awhile.
Maybe we’ll have a sub. Hopefully, its Genie with all of his magic
markers. Even better….
Wait. Wait, who said that?
I’d know that voice anywhere. Hello, princesses.
Welcome to art class. I will be your substitute teacher today.
Oh my gosh! Fairy Godmother!
It’s so good to see you. Hi Cindy.
Hi girls. I’m so thrilled to be here today.
We are going to have a magical time. Oh!
Do you have magic markers? Yeah.
Genie gave us these magic markers before. And whatever we drew came to life!
Well, I don’t have any magical markers for you.
But we are going on a magical field trip to an art museum.
The bus is outside. I’ll meet you there.
Snow exciting! Let’s go.
School field trip, eh? To an art museum?
Well, I think I’ll crash this little art party.
After all, everyone says I make a good artist. I’m sketchy.
Shady. And I’m great at framing people.
Haha. This is so cool.
There’s so much art. I know.
Wait. Didn’t Fairy Godmother say she would meet
us here? Yeah, she should be here any….
Bibbidi, Bobbidi, boo. Are you looking for me?
Oh, F, G. You’re hilarious!
F, G. Fairy Godmother!
I like that! Are you already to experience some magic art?
Yes. But, wait.
What’s magical about it? This just seems like a normal museum.
Maybe at first. But this is actually a museum of magic art.
Oh! Wait.
What does that mean? All of the paintings are actually windows
into other worlds. All of you will pair up and choose which world
you want to visit. Oh my gosh!
That’s snow amazing. Also to make things more fun.
Each painting contains a golden key. Once you find the golden key you’ll be transported
back to the museum. And we’ll all share about our magical, artistic
experiences. How do we get into the paintings?
Easy. All you have to do is say the magic words.
Bibbidi, Bobbidi, boo. Just remember.
The triple B from your old F, G. Whoa!
Let’s do it. Elsa, do you want to be my partner?
You know it. Aurora, want to be partners?
Yeah. If the shoe fits!
And you know what that means. Time for classic Anna, Belle mess around.
Yeah! Have fun princesses.
Take your time. Just not all day.
If I’m here ‘till midnight, I’ll turn into a pumpkin.
Tu, tu. Bye.
Okay, are you guys ready? Yeah.
Let’s do it. Man, there’s so many cool paintings to choose
from. Hmm.
Look at that one. It’s a detective painting.
That could be fun. We could solve a mystery.
Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo.
Whoa! Now, what are you two dames doing in an office
like mine? Sour patch?
No thanks. Trying to cut out the sugar, sugar.
Plus, we got bigger fish to fry. Woah!
Why am I talking like this? I don’t know.
Listen you. We heard you were the bees knees.
So we came straight to you. We’re two girls Friday looking for a Monday.
We’re here to solve crimes by dinnertime. And we heard, you’re the detective to team
up with. Now, I didn’t know what to think.
These two blondes came into my office like they stepped right out of a fairytale book.
But I needed to get a case solved. And I could use their help.
Let’s do it. So here’s looking at you kid.
What do you think, Aurora? None of these are jumping out at me yet.
What about this field of flowers? Wait!
Are those fairies in the field? Come on.
Look closer. It is.
Let’s go. Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo.
Oh my gosh! Cindy, we’re in Pixie Hollow.
And we look like fairies. And you both look very good if I do say so
myself. What a second.
Are you Tinkerbell? That’s me.
Tink for short. And I must say you both look flitterifick.
Flitterifick? Yeah.
That’s how we pixies saw terrific. Tinkerbelle, you look just like Fairy Godmother.
She’s teaching our art class right now. Oh yeah.
She’s my cousin. Man, I could really use her help right now.
What happened? Captain Hook has stolen all of our pixie dust
so none of the pixies can fly. That’s horrible.
Don’t worry. We’re here.
We can help you. We have to find Captain Hook.
And if I know him, he’s on a ship looking for Peter Pan.
Let’s go. Follow me.
Following the leader. The leader.
The leader. Oh, what?
What? Dragon.
Anna, it’s just a picture of a dragon. See.
He actually looks really nice. Haven’t you seen How to Train Your Dragon?
They’re so cute. Oh, yeah.
I guess it’s not so scary after all. Let’s go in and see if we can ride them
like they do in the movie. Okay.
Let’s do it. It’s gonna be fun.
Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo. Belle.
Belle. Belle.
Oh my gosh! Where are you?
Oh, she must have been taken by the dragons. Woo hoo!
Belle. Where are you?
Anna, I’m up here. What?
Oh, my sandwich. You’re riding a dragon.
I sure am. Hop on.
This is amazing! We’re so high up.
This is perfect. With Belle out of the picture.
Or into the picture. That leaves dreamboat Prince Eric up for grabs.
Now. I just need to make sure she stays there.
Darkest power. Take on my foes.
Take this painting and seal it closed. Haha.
Perfect! Now, they’ll be stuck in that painting forever.
Haha. Well, you get the picture.
Ah ha! Now, its time to see you this bank robber
really is. Ah ha!
It was the dame who worked in the bank in the first place.
I never saw it coming. If it was a snake, it would have bit me.
And I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling detectives.
It’s off to the big house for you, Miss Bank Robber.
Thanks ladies. Here.
Take your reward. A gold coin?
Whoa. It’s the golden key.
This must be it. Well, Mr. Detective, it was fun solving crimes
with you. And just like that the blondes were gone.
But they learned a valuable lesson. Always carry a frying pan and let it go.
But not the frying pan. Not literally.
It’s a metaphor. Give us the pixie dust, Hook.
In your dreams. And look.
They’re tiny. Like little ants.
Afterall this is Neverland. And we’re never gonna give you the pixie
dust. Haha.
Wait. What’s that sound?
Sounds like ticking. Oh no!
Not again! Smee, to the lifeboat!
Ah, ha. Nice work, ladies.
Nice work you! Smart thinking using your alarm clock to make
them think that was the crocodile. I can’t believe you always bring that with
you. Oh, yeah!
I have to. When I take a nap, I can sleep for ages.
Let’s try this out, ladies. Are you ready to fly?
All you need is faith, trust and pixie dust. Well, Tink.
This is amazing. Or as you would say, flitterifick.
I’m so glad you girls are having fun. You can come to Pixie Hollow any time you’d
like. Wait a second.
Can I see that pixie dust bag? Here you go.
You found it! Well, we’ve got to get back.
Bye Tink. Bye ladies.
Belle, we’re going so fast this is crazy. We’re on fire.
But not literally though, I hope. Oh my gosh!
It looks like we’re going in for a landing! Woah!
Thanks Fluffy. Fluffy?
He just seems like a Fluffy. Look.
Anna. Golden dragon egg.
Oh, and look. The key.
We should be home any second. Bye Fluffy.
This was fun. Um.
Why aren’t we being transported yet? I don’t know.
Something must be broken. Hello?
Anyone out there? So princesses, how was your magical, artistic
experience? So fun.
We got to fly like fairies. And take on Captain Hook.
We were detectives. And solved a mystery.
Wonderful. And what about you, Belle?
Anna? Belle?
Anna? Where are they?
Oh, you don’t need to worry about them anymore. Maleficent!
What did you do to our friends? Well, they seemed so keen to go to dragon
world. And as a dragon myself, I figured they would
love it so much they would want to stay forever! What?
No! You stopped them from getting out of the painting!
I sealed the gap. They’ll never get out now.
Sorry ladies. Guess you’ll have to find two new princess
friends to pal around with. Haha.
Fairy Godmother. You have to do something.
That’s my little sister and my best friend! Oh, I’m sorry ladies.
I was hoping it would work. But unfortunately, Maleficent’s magic is
stronger than mine. We need someone more powerful to help break
the spell. Who do we know that’s more magical?
Wait! I have an idea.
Hello. Beast here.
Sorry, Prince Adam. Gosh, it is just so hard to get used to this
name change. Hey Adam.
It’s Elsa. Oh hey, Elsa.
Are you guys having fun on your field trip. Well, you see, that’s the thing.
We were having fun. But then Maleficent showed up.
And she trapped Belle and Anna in a painting. Oh my gosh!
How did they get stuck in a painting? Long story.
But we need somebody very magical. And I kind of thought you might know someone?
Oh, wow. You mean her?
I think it’s our only hope. Oh hey.
It’s me. Prince Adam slash Beast.
Remember how we’re cool now. I need a favor.
Hang on guys. If you can hear us.
Help is on the way. Hello.
Wait. Anna, did you hear that.
Yeah! Oh, it sounded like our friends.
Help! Help!
We can’t get back! Help!
We’re here. Uh!
I hope he gets here soon. Me too!
Sorry ladies. I came as soon as I could.
And I brought the most magical person I know. Oh, hello, Adam.
Now that Belle’s out of the picture. I figured that me, you, we could get out of
here and go grab a milkshake or something. I’m sorry, Maleficent.
Belle is the only one for me. Well, sorry.
But she’s stuck in that painting forever. And who’s that old hag?
Don’t be deceived by appearances, Maleficent. Beauty is found within.
I call it like I see it. Go on.
Shoo, Hag. I have a date to go on.
What’s happening. You messed with the wrong enchantress, Maleficent.
Uh! We’re back.
What happened? Maleficent tried to trap you guys in the painting.
Elsa thought to call Prince Adam. Who brought the most magical person he knows.
Thanks so much, Enchantress. You’re the best!
Wait. You said Maleficent.
She’s not here. Oh yeah.
She’s gone. Let me out of this painting!
Come on princesses. Ugh!!!
Oh why, Maleficent. I think you look picture perfect.
Haha. Someone let me out.
I’ve been framed. Finally, my favorite class of the day, art
class. I wonder what I’ll paint today… maybe
a boat, or a giraffe or a pineapple… uh, there’s so many possibilities. Hey, Rapunzel. Hey, Elsa, huh, hey Belle, wow Moana, you’re
in this class too? This is so exciting, I didn’t realize we
all signed up for the art class at the same time… this is gonna be so much fuuun! Of course, we all loove art class. Phew! I was worried I wasn’t gonna make it on
time… so much air traffic. Hey, guys! Hey Jasmine! Let’s go wait, I think class is about to
start. I’m snow excited, let’s go. All right ladies, welcome to art class. Today we will be drawing with colored markers
that are under your desk, please draw anything you want… anything at all. Maybe something from your movies or… ha,
a-achoo! Abu, I think I saw him as I flew in. No, sorry it seems I’ve come down with a
rotten cold. As a matter of fact, I better go call a substitute
teacher and go see the nurse, continue drawing. Oh noooo, I hope she feels better. I wonder who our substitute teacher will be…. I hope it’s someone nice, but anyway, we
should probably start to draw. Mhmm, but what to draw. I think I’m just gonna draw Olaf, he’s
just sooo cute. Arabian Nights, except it’s art class night! Huh, oh my gosh Genie, you’re our substitute
teacher… this is so exciting! Genie is the best, to be honest, I’ve never
had a friend like him. Hey Jasmine, hello princesses, and weeelcome
to Genie’s art class. Ahh, I had no idea you were an artist Genie. Yeah, do you paint Genie? 10 thousand years of being in a lamp will
make you pretty good at painting, not a lot to do in there. So, what are working on so far? We’re drawing things with markers. Are they maaagic markers? Umm, they might be magic markers. No, I’m talking about maaagic markers, they’re
really magic, it’s a blended genie magic and fairy dust enchanted by fairy godmothers
wand, yadi, yada, yada. The point is, that with these markers, anything
you draw comes to life. Now, try drawing with these. I’m gonna color a pineapple. This reminds me of Motunui. Draw whatever you want, the world is your
oyster…. hmmm, wait, Genie is allergic to shellfish,
don’t draw any oysters. Wait, what! What do you mean? Ahh, drawings come to life, how’s that possible? Go ahead and draw something. Okay, I’m gonna color in this balloon. Belle, look! Huh! Wow, it worked, that’s amazing! Genie, you’re the best substitute teacher
ever. Thank you, thank you much, well, I wasn’t
expecting this. I’d like to thank the academy, the princess
academy that is, for hiring me and getting me out of this lamp… wait, my lamp where
did it go, I packed it right here? I haven’t seen it, but I thought on my carpet
flight I saw Abu in a tree with something outside the window. Abu? Whoa, that mischievous monkey, okay kids,
be right back, I need to go get my lamp back. Have fun with the maaagic markers and be careful,
don’t draw anything you wouldn’t want to come to life. I’m gonna color Olaf, huh, he’s so cute
isn’t he? Okay, here we gooo. Hey Elsa. How’s my little buddy? Fine, but how did I get here? Oh, I drew you here with magic markers. Magic markers? No, maaagic. Oh, wow, art class, that’s almost as cool
as you Elsa. Whoa, if you were able to draw Olaf, I wonder
if I could bring in one of my friends. Uhh, who’re you going to draw, Pascal? Nooo, I have an even better idea, I’m gonna
draw a good friend of mine who would looove this art class. Where I’m I? How did I get here? One minute I was with Maximus at the snuggly
ducklings battling some royal guards and now I’m here! I drew you here, welcome to art class Eugene! Shhh, call me Flynn, I’m trying to keep
the Eugene thing on the down low. Oookay Flynn, I drew you here so now you can
enjoy art class with us. We’re drawing with maaagic markers and I
know what you’re gonna say, they’re different from regular markers, they’re actually magic! That’s amazing! You drew me with this? Feels like you got my nose right, finally
someone gets my nose right… and my smoulder… feels perfect. Ah, I wish I could color in Prince Adam but
I don’t have a picture of him. Why don’t you try drawing him freehand? Oh my gosh, good idea, can I borrow your marker? Oh, Belle, how did I get here? I drew you here with these magic markers. Wow, those are magic. Okay, so that means I’m the only one that
hasn’t colored something yet, but I think I have a great idea of what to color. Uuu, are you going to color Aladdin? Or a cute new outfit… even better, this
is gonna be a roaring good time. Everyone, meet my best friend Rajah. Oh my gosh, tiger! Ruuuun! We gotta get outta here. Nooo, don’t worry you guys he’s nice,
he actually a vegetarian these days so he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Ohhh, he’s sooo cute, hi Rajah. Whoa, can we pet him? Here kitty kitty kitty. Of course, he’s the best. Uhh, got my lamp back, I had to trade him
five bananas, but I still think I got the better end of the deal… Tiger! Ahhhhhh! Genie, that wasn’t just any tiger, that
was Rajah, remember him, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Oh goodness, I didn’t recognize him, he’s
lost weight, must be that new vegetarian diet. We need to get him back, the other teachers
and students aren’t gonna know he’s harmless. If anyone sees a tiger running around in the
school they’re going to…. Attention teachers and students, there’s
a tiger loose in the school, I repeat, there’s a tiger loose in the school! This is not a drill, everyone please make
your way outside… no wait, that’s a fire drill… umm, crouch onto your desk… no,
that’s an earthquake. Okay, well, um, try to run away and not eaten
by the tiger. Oh, nooo, now everyone is really going to
be afraid of Rajah. And they’ll never let me substitute teach
again, they’ll send me straight back to the cave of wonders.Don’t worry Genie, we
aren’t gonna let that happen. We need to find him, but he’s probably scared. We need to lure him back in with some kind
of bait. Great idea Eug… I mean Flynn. Jasmine, what does Rajah like to eat? Mhmm, his favorite is peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches, but I didn’t bring one in my lunchbox. Uhhh, teaching moment, remember what you learn
today in art class. That’s it! Jasmine you can draw a PB&J. Huh, great idea Moana! Ahem! And you too Genie, okay, here it goes. Genie, you stay here with Olaf incase he comes
back. We will keep a look out… roger that captain,
over and out. Let’s go. Let’s go Prince Adam… okay let’s go
find that tiger. Rajah, Rajah! Come out Rajah! Here Kitty kitty kitty kitty! We have your favorite sandwich. I don’t think this is working. Let’s split up and all check different places,
then we can meet back here. Good idea, he likes to collect things, like
my shoes or anything really, so if we see a pile of stuff he might be close by. Okay, so Prince Adam, Elsa and I will go look
in one of the classrooms. And Flynn and I could check the cafeteria,
I brought my frying pan just in case. Hey, be careful with that thing! What! I meant in case he wants his PB&J grilled…
nothing better than a grilled PB&J. Sounds good, Jasmine, we should check the
football field. Okay, let’s go. Rajah! It looks like everyone ran out of the cafeteria,
they even left their lunch boxes, empty. Okay, this one has chips and an apple, but
no sandwich. That’s a clue… and paw prints! Huh! Let’s go, yesss! Come on Rajah, it’s me Jasmine, I have your
favorite treat…. Rajah! Wait, what’s this? It looks like this ball has been deflated
and look there’s bite marks on it! That’s definitely Rajah’s bite, I can
tell, he has an overbite. Huh, and look at those paw prints, they’re
going right into the gym, let’s go. Hey guys, we followed these… paw prints.
Us too. Same, they led here. Rajah, I have your favorite PB&J. There you are silly boy, whoa, are you collecting
things again? Oh good you found him, phew! I’ll go let the principal know things are
under control, right after I take this guy back to Agrabah. Good work princesses. Oh my gosh, it worked, hey Meeko. Yay! It’s finally time for art class, I’m so
glad I signed up for this. Yeah Belle, last time you said it was so much
fun. Oh, it so fun just wait, we better get inside
I think Ariel and Merida are already there. Hey you guys, are you ready for art class? We sure are, Miss Ezel said she’s be back
in a second, but she had to go to the office for something. So, in the meantime to start drawing with
these markers. Oh, that will be fun, I wonder what I should
draw. I think I’m going to color Meeko. Wait a second you guys, I have something even
better, maagic markers! Umm Belle, these are magic markers. No I mean maagic markers. last time I was
in art class, Genie substituted and he gave us these. Mhmm! What do they do? You can draw whatever you want and it will
magically come to life. But, just be careful, there was a whole tiger
incident last time that we do not wanna repeat. Okay, I was going to color Meeko with a regular
marker, but now I’m going to use this marker instead. Oh my gosh, it worked. Hey Meeko, welcome
to art class. Aww, he’s so cuuute. So, what are you guys going to color? Easy, I’m gonna color my famous beignets,
mm mhmm. Huh, mmm, not as good as my beignets recipe,
but let me say it is good for marker paper and magic. That’s so fun, I’m going to color a bow
and arrow. Whoa, oh, they look just like the ones I have
at home. That’s so cool! Let’s see if it works, bullseye! Huh, I know just what I am going to draw,
my other shoe! Your other shoe? Yeah, I lost one earlier, I’ve been walking
around on one shoe all day. You’ve got to get better about keeping up
with your shoes. I know, bad habit, but heey, let’s see what
happens…. Uh, perfect, huh, fits like a glove. Belle, what are you going to color? Mhmm good question… huh, Miss Ezel is coming back. Huh, we should probably put our markers away
just in case, it might make her nervous after that whole tiger thing. Welcome to art class ladies. I’m feeling
so much better since a few weeks ago. Today is extra special because we have a transfer
student. Uhh, a transfer student! Who is it? Let’s have her introduce herself. Hello fellow students who I’ve never ever
met before, my name is Mal-lory and I’m so excited to do art class with you. You look awfully familiar Mallory. Miss Ezel, don’t you recognize her? She’s a villain, she’s constantly trying
to take over or marry someone or all other kinds of like bad things. Huh, B-! Wow, but I mean girl who I don’t
know, that’s cold. I’ve been out sick, I’ve never seen her
before, we have to be nice to poor Mallory here, show her princess hospitality. Thank you Miss Ezel. Now take a seat Mallory. Today ladies, we’re
going to be coloring with markers. Pocahontas, did you bring your raccoon? Umm, I thought it was show and tell, but I
guess I was wrong. Just make sure he doesn’t mess up your drawing.
Okay ladies, begin, I’ll be at my desk. So, new friends, what have you been coloring? We aren’t talking to you, Mallory. Yeah, we know you’re up to no good. Fine, suit yourselves, I’m just going to
start drawing. Miss Ezel, you’re needed in the office,
I repeat Miss Ezel you’re needed in the office. Oh, well, that’s odd, I was just in the
office. Oh, well, I will be right back ladies, keep coloring and creating art. Finally got rid of her. So tell us what you’re really doing here. I came for the maagic markers. Um, you have magic markers, that’s what
you’re drawing with. You know what I mean, where’re you hiding
them? We aren’t hiding anything. Oh, really, then what does Belle have in her
hand? Um, nothing! Ha ha ha ha, that was too easy, now what to
draw with this thing? Maleficent please, these things can be very
dangerous if used incorrectly. Uh, duh! Why do you think I’m here? Huh, I know what to draw. What do you think she’s drawing? Finished! What did you draw? A dragon of course. A dragon, huh! He just burst through the roof, where did
he go? Who knows, but this is way worse than the
tiger problem. We’ve got to fix this. Too late ladies, the dragon will only do what
I tell him to do, you can call me principal Maleficent. Umm, no way, you’re not the principal, we
have to stop this right now. Right, and where is Miss Ezel and why did
she get called into the office like that? Let’s just say a little birdie told her
to go in there, ha ha, thanks again Diablo. You got it boss. Belle, do these markers have magic erasers
or magic whiteout? Nooo, once you draw something it’s here
to stay. That’s right, here have your punny little
marker back. Oh, and if this roof is not fixed by the time I get back, you’ll all have detention
forever, aha ha ha. This is bad, this is really bad! Okay, so since we can’t erase it, we have
to draw something new to stop it. But who or what do we know that can stop a
dragon? I can’t think of anyone, it’s hopeless. Wait a second, I know someone who can help
us, I read his book and he had to deal with several dragons. Pocahontas, can I borrow your marker? Sure, I wonder who it is. That should do it, I’d like you guys to
meet Harry Potter! Blimey, where am I, how did I get here? Hi Harry, I’m Belle, big fan of your books. Oh, thanks. You’re at princess academy at our art class. Art class? That’s way better, I was just falling asleep
in portions class Professor Snape. Well, art class would be fun but Maleficent
AKA voldemort of our world just drew a dragon to life with some magic markers. Exactly, so Belle called you because she knew
you had dealt with dragons before. It’s been a while, do you know what kind
it is; hungarian horntail, chinese fireball? Umm, I don’t know, big scary fire breathing
one, that’s all we know. Gotcha, I’m assuming it flew through there? Exactly! Good thing I have my wand on me, now let’s
go find the dragon. There’s the dragon! What’re you gonna do Harry? Know any good spells? This is tough, I know one I learned in Tom’s
class, I hope it works….[] You did it! Where did the dragon go? She’s right here. Thanks Harry. You got it, now I need to get this little
guy back to Hogwarts,Hagrid will love it, new pet. Wait Harry, before you go, can you do a little
spell to fix our roof? Sure, repairo! Good luck princesses and be
careful with those magic markers. Accio broom! Where’s my dragon? What! Nooo! Excuse me young lady, that little bird of
yours just locked me in the office and I was just now able to escape, you’re hereby expelled
from Princess Academy. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you ladies. That’s okay. Happens all the time. Luckily
we had a little help from a magical friend, thanks again Harry!


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