Fearless 43: Dez Customz Brings the Artwork to Life

[Music] [Applause] [Music] so Moe and I we’ve been painting shoes for about five years we paint more than cheese but our mates our specialty is custom Footwear we’ve worked with a number of athletes and we kind of came together with pretty like-minded and it’s been real interesting because usually two artists can’t work together very well but we’re able to do that so we’re excited about it we’ve been able to accomplish a lot together I’m a father so I I would want to know if my son had cancer and to know that 43 kids are diagnosed every day with cancer it’s it’s gut-wrenching when you’re a parent so again being part of this is all that much more important and Moe’s a father as well he’s got you know one in the two-year-old so it’s it it makes a difference and it hits home for both this positive is different because it involves giving back I just want to see you can’t really you can’t really put in the words but if there’s a warm feeling that comes along with doing the work and while you’re working on it you get to go home and you get to feel really really good about what you did on more than just an aesthetics level more than just that you know I earn my keep today more than anything like that it goes to benefiting kids and cancer in a cause so that’s always good [Music]

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