Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! I’m gonna be filming the whole video from over here, okay I’m feeling Sorry. I’m feeling weird because I’m standing instead of sitting for this week’s video So I just have a lot more mobility and the reason for that is because we’re obviously painting I mean I’m fucking standing in front of the easel right now we’re going to be following a Bob Ross tutorial, which I am so excited about because this is actually something that I Do for fun and my spare time But today we’re going to be doing one that I have never done before it is called “island in the wilderness” So hopefully by the end of this video there will be an island in the wilderness Right here Every single Bob Ross painting starts off with some Liquid white and never in my life have I owned this? So all my paintings have come out pretty mediocre like mediocre at best and I’ve always blamed it on the lack of liquid white So yeah now there is no excuse for my painting to turn out like shit to be honest Oh Damn it I’m already making a mess and we having even fucking started. Oh shit I can’t believe it’s the liquid white Yes! Liquid white! Nothing like painting a white canvas white Yeah! Not only did I buy a liquid white for this video, but I also got One of these and I already went ahead and put all the colors that I’m going to need for this painting on it So let’s do it Let’s start with a little two inch brush and a touch of the lizard crimson, we just load a little bit right into the bristles Shit I hope I have enough space I don’t think my wrist can even fucking move like that Shit. It already doesn’t look like that, alright whatever I feel like I have too much paint on my brush, but maybe if I just keep Like I s- seriously can’t do that wrist thing His looks like Exponentially better than mine. Shit alright, I’m gonna add a happy little cloud I hope I don’t fuck this up Maybe I should put the blue down here a little bit more It doesn’t look like a fucking cloud Shit, it kinda looks bad I’m afraid to go into the pink area I think it’s gonna like eat it all up. Oh my god, it’s working! Guys, this doesn’t look that bad except for that except for yeah All right. Let me grab some of this white down here then put it up in my blue That’s pretty good Oh Fuck. This is where um Things go bad. Is that what- That does not look the same It’s like the same color as everything else. I’ve ruined it. I fucking ruined it What are we even making here? Like what is this supposed to be? Oh, is it a lot of fun? Let’s put another little layer in here And we’ll tap this I wanna create mist again Does that look like mist? how did he do that? No, like for real, how did he do that? Maybe in our world there lives some little trees Can you even see that? what is that? that just looks like a big smudge What is that? What is that? He’s doing more. Shit Oh my god, he’s all the way across the page. Bob needs a slowdown. Does that look like anything at all? I think I’m kind of pulling it together Are you serious? Just make a line take the corner the brush make a touch make another one and just sort of work from the center out. I got this I got this easy. I make evergreen trees all the time. Actually. I don’t know if you guys know just another day another evergreen So, here we go Tap ends like we always do we always Just tap them But let me just let me just check out to make sure I’m it’s easier to do them fast than it is slow though I knew that I I knew that so easier than slow. So we’re just gonna Okay Yes, that looks like a tree. I mean I know it would cuz Yeah, I do this all the time Kind of looks like these trees are one big tree by accident. They’re two, it’s too trees. over here If you want to reflect those just pop in some general indications of where they are Whoa, we look so good on camera. Are you fucking kidding me? That looks good on camera You guys in real life. It really looks like garbage. Shut up, I’m gonna literally frame this and hang it up Let’s just pop in the indication have some little bushes that live down here I’m doing it with my eyes closed. I’m that good More trees? Fuck. it looks good. Honestly, everyone like take a picture of it now because it let’s go ahead and I think i’m about to ruin it I’m sweating The painting literally fell face down. Oh my god, like look I don’t even want to lift it up but I have to. Oh my god Nooooo Oh no. You guys. alright we can fix this we can fix this Let me take some of this green paint and try and just cover this up There we go. I think I kinda fixed it. I kind of lost it all there, but we did it. So let’s keep going What was I doing? Oh making that tree Okay, when did I get paint on my nose? Let’s get crazy, you know me I like big trees and we have one living in our world No we don’t. No we don’t. I’m not adding that tree. If I put another big-ass tree right here. I’m gonna lose everything that’s good about this painting Are you fucking kidding me? I have to laugh. I have to fucking laugh. Are you kidding me? Are you really getting me right now? I’ve kind of mad at myself for like rubbing my hands in it immediately. I can’t- Is the video over? Like is this the end? Like I don’t know what to do, I almost have to end the video now I mean, it’s kind of a cool abstract piece You know what guys I I’m just gonna end the video you may not have made it through the entire tutorial But you know what? We made it through the most most Did we even? Thank you for watching. I hope you guys liked the video also leave a comment down below Just saying anything. I don’t know That’s it the video is over it’s over I’m leaving it’s over


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