From roots to sky: draw my PhD project

here that’s me and this is a Douglas fir tree Douglas fir is a tree species native to western North America but trees from different British Columbia ecological regions have been widely distributed outside its natural range and I’m netted to France but I invaded British Columbia with my stinky cheese and my baguette British Columbia is a large place with a range of different climates for example Kamloops as an arid climate while nelson has a humid continental climate so as you go further north it gets colder Douglas fir trees I’ve evolved advantageous traits to adapt to local climate around British Columbia for example if we were to transplant a tree that grew up in nursing to Williams Lake it will be less healthy than a tree that grew up and lives in Williams Lake this is called local adaptation and is based on evolution of traits over generations unlike a Douglas fir tree I have not evolved traits that provide advantages to deal with the local climate for this to happen I would have to wait for natural selection to occur over many generations and perhaps eventually of ancestors refer however I can write a letter and fight to hit my body temperature if it freezes in Williams Lake or I can sweat while I travel south to Nelson tradesmen not traveling on British Columbia but they are and will experience rapid climate changes so the question is will they be able to keep pace with it actually we have started to answer this question but so far we have mostly looked at mechanisms of adjustment for evolve con traits such as phonology and growth but wait a minute that means this is basically the picture we can see oh that’s better now welcome below crown here we are at the root of the problem this is a fine read and this is am I crazy or if you prefer an association between a root and a fungus in the story fine words and macros are forage for resource interact with each others and the environment the indeed play a large role in ecosystem processes such as nutrient and carbon cycling recent research has suggested that some of their traits could be related to climate for example route diameter has been shown to increase and route length decrease in response to cold climate so the challenge is now to unravel trees kilogram adjustment mechanisms which will help us better understand how trees adapt to climate

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