Gel Press Printing on Plastic with Kate Crane Part 1

Hello. This is Kate Crane with another
video for the Gel Press from prints to project series. Now today I am playing with a
plastic. This is the Dura-Lar matte film. It looks like this. Resilient and it’s
fantastic for printing on. It’s a little bit like acetate, but paint sits and
stays really well once you’ve got it on there. I’ve cut mine down into these
smaller size pieces and I’m using just some really simple layering techniques
so that I can then create this kind of thing. So I’ve got some greetings cards there. Little arty cards. And I’ve used quite a lot of neon as you can see. So nice and
bright. Put a couple of these small ones into my journal. Just lay them up there
with a bit of stitching. And this medium is also great for creating little
decorative objects for the house. So I’ve made a little sleeve for a candle holder,
with this strip of plastic. So come join me. Let’s have a go at printing on
plastic. So I’ve taken a sheet of the matte film. You can see that it’s a nice
sturdy weight. And I’ve cut it into squares of about 8 centimeters. And this
is the strip actually that was left along the edge, so I’m going to print on
this also. I cut it into small centimeter so I can put this on
greetings cards and perhaps layover in my journal as well. I’m going to start with
Reflex Rose. And it seems like a really bright neon, and it is, but as it is a
thin layer to start with it’s not as bright as you would think. I’m just cutting some stencils out of
some regular cartridge (printer) paper. They don’t have to be neat. They don’t have to be
accurate. Keep the positive and the negative. So to add pattern through a stencil I’ve
picked out a circle stencil. Circles always sit well on top of circles. I’m
going to start adding some yellow. But this time we’re going to brayer it on
the mat first of all. Just because I get a more even spread of paint through the
stencil. I’m going to go back on with some of
this Reflex Rose, just so I’ll get a nice kind of neon pop back on the top layers. How about a contrast color now. Because this is sitting as a top layer it’s not going to create mud. It’s not blending with
anything. It’ll just add a pop of contrast on the top. So I’ve picked out a
sky blue. I’m going to go through a stencil, but I’ve also cut this little
mask here to add a little scalloped edge. We’ll be back with Part Two on Saturday. Thanks for watching!

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