Gel Printing Challenge 5, 7 & 8 – Speed Version LIVEstream 9/5/19

its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you a speed-up of the art joy of sharing live
stream show in which we were talking about and working on
gel printing and using some of the props from the Birgit Koopsen gel printing
challenge for September 2019 which is a gel printing everyday in September
challenge so she offers prompts I am doing some of the prompts not all of
them so this particular video includes prompts 5 7 & 8
I skipped 6 and also there’s some printing with some live plants thrown in
because this morning I found some live Flint’s that I could print with they’re
mostly weeds because here in Arizona most of the plants even the ones that I
picked have thorns on them but in this summer monsoon season they grow a lot
and I picked new growth off the plants that didn’t have the thorns yet so
there’s a little bit of that thrown in I think I’m gonna do another video later
maybe in October or something that has a lot of plant printing because I think
it’s really awesome and fun and I just really need to focus on it when I have
some plants that I can do it with so the prompt I’m working on right now is
prompt 5 no brayer and for most of you this would work great because you’re
just you’re just applying the paint to the the plate without a brayer you can
use your fingers you could use a credit card you could use a paint shaper or a
spatula you could use other types of paint like watercolor you know with with
sticks or with the brush or something you can apply paint with
brush but for my style of gel printing the printing that I do here in Arizona
which is really the best way for me to do it
I need the brayer to add that very thin layer over the top so that I can pull
whatever I’ve put on the plate up this this technique works fantastic in
Arizona it is all that I do I like to make layers on my plate and then pick it
up with a very thin layer of paint over the top and I end up with this beautiful
multi-layered gel print experience without the brayer I can’t get the paint
on there thin enough and smooth enough for this to work it just isn’t working
well so I keep trying trying different types of paints different types of tools
different types of paper this is tissue paper and I have this really great idea
of applying the paint in dots with my pouncer tools and it should have been
super cute it should have been really cute but I couldn’t pick up a clean
print because when I went to put the white paint over the top and now orange
paint over the top to get that thin layer that almost translucent smooth
layer of paint which marries to the acrylic paint on the plane already and
picks the whole thing up he just wasn’t working no matter what so I – all I used
so yeah not a fan not a fan of without a brayer I think a brayer is an essential
central tool for gel printing just essence as essential as the plane itself
I really do I have a couple sizes I think I might pick up some more
different ones because I feel like I need to clean these and yeah if I had
some other ones I you know in a 30 day challenge I don’t have time to clean my
brayer because I need it I need it for more days of gel printing so
what I will say about the problems I’m having here is the problem that many
many many people have when gel printing and that is putting too much paint on
because I don’t have the brayer I can’t smooth out the paint I can’t make it a
thin layer and when I first started gel printing that’s exactly what I did I put
way too much paint on there things were slipping around it was sloppy it wasn’t
at all satisfying but once I realized that just a thin layer of paint just a
little bit of a paint is all that you need I was much more happy with the
process so on this one I use a plant along with my smeared paint that I
speared on with a card and then I kind of moved it around with my fingers a
little bit and did some finger painting that one actually worked pretty good it
did come up the paint is a very inexpensive low pigment paint that is is
gloppy a little bit and I had a lot of paint on there so it didn’t have that
opportunity to dry and I was able to get a pretty good print that one
this one I’m putting it on with a soft brush and then I thought I would put a
maybe some texturing in it with a tool and the thing is I’m just I’m just
making it way too complicated if I just slapped that paint on there and got into
it right away to pull it up maybe I could have been able to get a decent
print so yeah it’s just not my style and and it’s not my climate it does not work
for me to not use a brayer but I’m sure that
the rest of you will have great great things and I’m excited to go and look
over on Instagram and see what people did for the no brayer challenge because
I’m sure that people got fantastic prints out of it and my only thing that
I think might work with no brayer is if I got some oil paint because I think you
get gel print with oil paint and I think that that would work without a brayer
because the oil paint just never dries right it just doesn’t dry it takes it
forever so I think that that could work with no
brayer and actually I should have tried my open paints shouldn’t I have duh that
might have worked as well the golden open paints which have a long a long
drying time I forgot about them I was just you know on a live stream
you’re not thinking as much as you would be otherwise and yeah they’re
interesting grungy prints but they’re not my usual so I got the brayer I had
to clean up because I got frustrated with the whole thing and I thought oh
I’ll make this this cool grungy print with what’s left on the plate plus some
plants and look what happens the plant released its leaves all over my plate
they’re stuck on there this particular plant is a flower it’s what we call
Mexican bird of paradise here and I don’t know what the other name for it is
besides that but it’s an interesting plant it in the fall we cut it down to
like 6 inches 6 inch sticks I mean nothing and in the monsoon season it
grows like up to 12 feet tall the thing is towering over me at this point but
obviously it doesn’t hold on to its leaves very well does it so I got all
those off I got all the leaves off and then I put some shimmery paint over it
soompi mio to pick up that black print and it turned out pretty cool sorry it
was an early morning I don’t mean to make everyone young so yeah let out
pretty cool you can kind of see the print of the
black leaves on there a little bit okay so I’m done with no brayer enough of
that nonsense oh I’m going to move on to something else
prompt 6 was tape and I just did that so I’ll put the
link in the iCard here so that you can see the linear designs and within that
is tape if you haven’t already seen it and so you can go watch that one I don’t
need to do that again I just did it so the next prompt prompt sevinor was Trace
and I thought that sounded fun I thought what shall i trace well I had some
stencil girls six basic stencils sitting there so I just decided to trace them
the first thing I tried was pasta pins these are the medium point pasta pins so
they’re a little bit fatter I have have a set of colors of them and I traced
around the stencil and then now I’m just making doodles within the shapes of the
stencil it’s got a lot of really open shapes so I just thought I would doodle
on there with some of my medium point pasta pins and then while I’m waiting
for that to dry a little bit I was priming the pans and I had some paint
over there so I just slapped that on the smaller plate this is a six by six gel
plate and a four by five or three by five or something like that so those are
what I’m using today then I took some white paint it wasn’t completely dry yet
I can tell because the white paint picked it up and moved it around a
little bit but it still turned out really cool so not a problem for me that
one’s just kind of a mess but it’ll be good for collage and then this one has
the patterns the traced patterns on it so kind of cool I thought kind of fun
now I was able to pick up ghost print by adding some more paint to this and that
would really didn’t have anything on it so I decided to just make another plant
print but my plant was too wet and it didn’t really leave an impression so
you’ll see my ghost print for the tracing here in a second I get done messing around
quit messing around so much see so there’s still plenty on there and that
one’s a little bit cleaner because there was no you know wet marker left on there
so then I have another type of marker it’s called art is on or artists and
marker I don’t know what’s in these pegs sent them to me and I forgot to look and
see what they are but they’re the same type of a non stinky paint markers so
there’s a possibility that there’s acrylic paint or there’s a possibility
that it’s a chalk marker which I’m not sure what chalk markers have other than
chalk but what’s the difference between that I don’t know anyway arches and
markers and I’m having to prime them because I haven’t used them all
peg set these to me and a Happy Meal package recently she likes to shop
clearance at Hobby Lobby and sometimes she gets some great stuff on clearance
that my Hobby Lobby never seems to have I don’t know why not that I go there
that often cuz it’s pretty far away but yeah I traced another stencil with some
different colors orange and yellow and pink a couple different colors of pink
of the artisan and then while I was waiting I was seeing if I could pick
anything up off that smaller plate which was the answer was no and then I used
some light pink paint to pick this up so that’s pretty cool too it’s interesting
and different and I was able to make a ghost out of this one too using some
white but it’s it’s pretty patchy it doesn’t have a whole lot on it but still
interesting still good for using in my collage and and art journaling and tag
making and are just traded trading cards and all those things so I use all this
stuff for I love to have all these paintings around with different
a turn on them so then I switched markers again these are made by Marvin
China and they are glitter markers just glitter there’s no pigment in them you
know they’re not opaque they just have the glitter but they have a lot of
glitter and they’re pretty darn cool they will be fun to use on dark paper
had this I had just opened the package these are another thing that Pegg had
sent me and happy mail I don’t know where she got him
probably on clearance because she’s smart like that she’s very smart like
don’t know she gets the best deals I don’t know if it’s because she lives in
the Midwest and maybe a lot of these companies that manufacture these
products are in the Midwest I think that might be why she can find stuff that I
cannot here in Arizona with my very limited supply of art stuff anyway so
while I was waiting for that to dry I decided to make another leaf print and I
put some brown and some ochre yellow paint on my small plate and that’s a
dictionary page I got a couple of pretty cool prints on the dictionary page and
then I decided it was time to pick this up with some black and I put way too
much black paint on their head day had to get a lot of it off because when
you’re doing a pickup print like this which is what I do you got to have a
thin smooth layer of paint that’s the key then it marries with whatever else is on
the plate whatever kind of stuff you put on there and even stuff that you didn’t
get off from the last print it just all gets together sticks together and then
it all comes off as one big beautiful print so while I was waiting I picked up
the rest of this stuff from the small plate I think that’s pretty cool pretty
interesting a plants print on a tag all right let’s get this one this one is
cool it’s it you can’t see how cool it is on the video but you can kind of see
it’s it’s shimmering it’s glittery it’s it’s just cool I don’t like it plus
that’s probably my favorite stunts a little all time I think it’s called
brick and mortar and it’s from stencil girl of course it’s designed by Mary
Beth Shaw of the stencil girl so next prompt prompt 8th was pestel’s or chalks
and so I decided to get out my pan pastel and do some of that on the plate
I’m just using makeup sponges which I’ve used before on the plate and I just kept
them in a little bag and kind of pouncing the pan pastel which is a
high-quality chalk very full of pigment beautiful stuff and I made kind of a
bright colored rainbow ish thing on there then I decided since I did a
rainbow I would use a Carolyn do me design which is the wonky eyes stencil
and so I put the stencil down put the thin layer of light over the top and
then pick to the stencil up and made my first print with PAD pastels on the
plate you can make multiple prints sometimes up to like five if you really
need that many they get lighter each time but there’s just so much pigment in
those pastels that you can get a lot of prints I don’t tend to make too many of
the ghost prints myself because usually I’m I just only need one of something so
and the style of printing that I do it pretty much pulls everything off the
plate the first try because I’m putting that thin layer of paint over top so but
on this one I did three plant three prints just to show that you can make
multiple prints on it and that would mean that one’s a more pastel but you
can see there’s three in the same color family you could use though
together very effectively in a collage situation on a dart journal page or
something pieces of those together with the three different shades would be
really cool so then I was just messing around and I grabbed some periwinkle ish
type paint thought I would make a another plant to print as the show was
winding down and I also needed to get that stuff off the small plate so I hope
you’re enjoying this video if you are please remember to give it a thumbs up
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of the live stream because you can’t attend the live stream but if you do
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