Giant melting da Vinci artwork recreated on Arctic sea ice

we’re on the greenpeace ship Arctic sunrise traveling due north towards the North Pole as far as we can go to the ice edge to find an ice floe that we can place da vinci’s vitruvian man honor the most famous sketch of the human anatomy at the time da Vinci drew this around fourteen ninety that was the Renaissance the Enlightenment the dawn of this whole innovative process that’s continued to this day through the Industrial Revolution but because of climate change and our fossil fuel addiction in fact that legacy is in danger once we identify the float we’ll have to work fast because it’s actually going to be melting from under our feet so literally hour by hour it will be shrinking just as the Arctic ice cap is shrinking every day this one right below us yep that’s a very interesting canvas right there so here’s our plan got this copper substrate that is used to conduct electricity and solar panels we’re going to build the man with that but first we’ve got to prep the copper we’ve got to prep these sandbags that we use to mark it out the first step was to create a line sketch who identify which lines were most important and then the next step was to create a grid for the for laying it out onto the ice we’re going to lay out the copper in the design specifically for each section of the man this is about fact that we’re literally eating away at ourselves by continuing with our addiction to fossil fuel

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