God of martial arts 93.2 ( English Subtitle )

this place is the heavenly barrier that guards the city of Duan Ren, although there is no danger, a tense atmosphere is still felt here uncle Liu, how many troops are there? three hundred thousand according to reports from the guards, the number of invading forces from the Mo Yue empire is more than five hundred thousand. Duan Tiang Lang also came with a hundred thousand troops, if he could cooperate with me, we don’t need to be afraid of five hundred thousand enemy troops, but the problem is, it still too difficult for Duan Tiang Lang to work with me. call Han Man and Po Jun to come to my tent! Roger! Lin Feng! Han Man, Po Jun. Lin Feng, please chat with your brothers, I have to go to meet with Duan Tian Lang. Han Man, Po Jun, are you already familiar with this place? of course, we are familiar with this place. Lin Feng, now I and Po Jun have become leaders of elite troops appointed directly by General Liu as captains of a thousand troops, they are all very strong and have extraordinary backgrounds. so you finally have a breakthrough, have you ever been in a dangerous situation? We have never encountered a dangerous situation, but our strength has increased, now Po Jun and I have succeeded in breaking through the fourth layer of Ling Qi and also … Han Man’s earth self-defense spirit, how can it emit an aura like that … could it be the blood spirit? Po Jun, your martial spirit is a vine spirit, but you also have a black spear spirit, this is a double martial spirit. hehe, actually my martial spirit accidentally woke up twice, and it turns out that Po Jun is secretly hiding his strength from us. blood martial spirit and dual martial spirit. The Yun Hai sect is proud to have you, believe me, the elders will definitely be very happy. having a double spirit is not a big thing, but having a large slave mark on the face, that is really a problem. if it wasn’t for you Lin Feng, I might have died in the prison arena. Po Jun don’t worry about the mark on your face, sooner or later, I’ll help you eliminate it that’s right Po Jun, don’t be depressed, we can definitely get rid of these signs sooner or later. Lin Feng, let’s take a walk. I will tell you more about other troops and the current situation. positions in the military were divided into army commanders, sergeants, lieutenants, deputy officers and officers. in our army there were more than 300,000 sergeants, besides General Liu, there were three officers divided into left and right officers and central army officers, each officer leading ten deputy officers.in addition there were also Chi Xie’s armored troops with special commanders. Po Jun is part of that category. Han Man, what about the strength of these military officers? Ordinary warriors, all coated in Qi, commanders of the troops are at the peak of the Qi layer. the sergeant is required to penetrate the Ling Qi layer. it was even tighter for lieutenants who were required to penetrate at least the third Ling Qi layer. for the representative of thirsty officers to break into the sixth Ling Qi layer, and concerning the three officers, one is in the eighth Ling Qi layer, and the other two are in the ninth Ling Qi layer. one more step then they will reach the Xuan Qi layer. they are very strong. Lin Feng, you can ask General Liu to give you the lieutenant position, so that we three brothers can fight together against the enemy let’s walk again Lin Feng. do you enjoy the video? what about the subtitle? is it good enough? write something on the comment section down below, and subscribe!! I really appreciate it. thank you please don’t skip the ads

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