Graffiti / Street Art Tour Vienna

When you stroll through the streets of Vienna you can find marvelous works of art for free. Created by some of the best urban artists around. Welcome to our street art tour where we will explore some of the most impressive murals in Vienna’s sixth district and around the danube canal We will visit an urban art shop and check out the street art festival “Calle Libre”. It’s eight stops with a total walking distance of about 45 minutes Check out the description for more details Frau Isa is an illustrator, painter and street artist And she’s made quite a name for herself, both locally and internationally She is known for colorful work with a touch of nostalgia I’m meeting her in her studio in Vienna’s sixth district. This is where you’re working? Yes, this is where I work and like a little studio for my illustration stuff Vienna, I love the scene in Vienna, it is quite colorful and a lot of young people starting to do street art beacuse it’s very popular right now The mood is nice, the people are motivated and when you compare Vienna to the other cities it is really up-and-coming So much more smaller things I like on street art like little funny sticker on a sign or a really good tag on the door So it’s like really the city that makes street art interesting This is a little gallery owned by Nychos, he’s a colleague of mine A famous street artist he’s in my collective Here you can go and buy some prints or t-shirts or little souvenirs or stickers So it’s a really nice place to look at street art in a different kind of way Just an aesthetic thing to paint a woman but I really like the soul or it’s character So this is actually one of your collaborative public pieces this is stunning Yes I did this one together with Nychos, as I mentioned my colleague And Rookie is also part of my collective and we did it when the Calle Libre festival was on And they invited us to do this amazing wall, it’s a really huge one Speaking of Calle Libre this is the guy that makes it all happen Jakob Kattner is the founder and the brain behind this amazing festival His mission: bringing together contemporary forms of graffiti and other forms of street art onto curated walls throughout the city I get to join Jakob on an urban art tour You founded this festival you started it, the Calle Libre It’s focused on street art Yeah it all started 2014 and it’s the festival for urban aesthetics So it’s all contemporary art forms of street art, graffiti but also performances, installations, urban interventions All of that Right now we get so much positive feedback from the people who live there Like neighbors come up to us and say oh thank you to do that what was a gray wall before now is a colorful painting We try to change the public perception of graffiti and street art We want to show these are serious contemporary art forms and not just tags, bombings, vandalism This is one of the first walls So this is an Enivo from Brazil a guy I met in Sao Paulo And Stinkfish who paints those colorful faces And this is Koz Dos from Venezuela and he kind of also refers to the political situation right now in this country Calle Libre means free street We say the street belongs to us and so we want to claim the streets When you do something like this and it’s part of a festival is it known that when the artists put it up it’s gonna stay there? Can people just paint over it? No one’s just gonna come in like tag on it basically The mekka of graffiti right here in the cities is the danube canal So you have the hall of fame there If you really want to have lots of graffiti you just go there next one is right over there Yeah this painting just was made recently It’s by Peter Phobia Austrian artist he painted it for his girlfriend as a present He is now in New York City That’s really sweet, a present like that Amazing urban art can be found all over the city just keep your eyes open and embrace the streets


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