Gustave Baumann’s Printmaking Workshop

his printing space was roughly what you see here that’s where he also made furniture made his spirits painted and whatever else he was involved with which were many different things he just never stopped working is the only way I can figure how he accomplished what he did because a print if you think of it it’s not that you know a painting is boom and it’s done his prints there was so much process that went into just carving the blocks those blocks become his orchestra after he had come up with one color he would add his pigment his linseed oil and varnish and grind it in here and it would pour out into a cup he would probably then take it over to this old lithos stone this is a Bavarian little stone that he’s using for an ink grinder who would do this the mystery why he painted all these turquoise handles my guess is that’s his code for that tool goes back in the print shop he would get his ink on here and then come over to his block and roll it and then he would just fit the corner of the paper to that and and that’s an image of Bauman’s Canyon Road studio circa 1919 the sensitivity he had to the materials that he worked with and the images that he was trying to create and the colors all these things he pulled together to really create the special world

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