Halloween Card & Mail Art Envelope (NEW Stamps from Colorado Craft Co.)

– [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. I’m honored today to be revealing the September release from
Colorado Craft Company. There are five new stamp sets starting out with these
two called Witch’s Monkeys and Pumpkin Cutie. Both of those are adorable. It has their kind of lovely legs style on these where you just see
the legs of the characters. I really love the greetings
of that Pumpkin Cutie one too. And then there are three
large six by six stamp sets. They are all Halloween themed. Jack-O-Lantern, Haunted
House, and Witch’s Hat. I think all of these look
absolutely fantastic. I’m going to be focusing on just one of these stamp sets today. And make sure you stay
tuned to the very end of the video because
there is a big giveaway. And I wanna let you guys know about that. But stay tuned. It’s going to include giving
away all of these stamp sets. So, today I’m gonna be creating both a mail art envelope and a card. Now, this card is five by seven, so my envelope will accommodate
a five by seven card. And I’m going to be
water-coloring on that envelope, so I’m going to use an
envelope punch board or the 123 Punch Board
from We R Memory Keepers to make an envelope out
of watercolor paper. According to the chart on the tool itself, it says I need watercolor paper that’s nine and seven-eighths. So because it’s larger than my regular nine by 12 paper would accommodate, I’m using this really big
pad of watercolor paper that’s really large. And I trimmed it down and then cut it to to a nine and seven-eighth
square inch watercolor paper. So now I’m using the punch board. It said to line it up
at four and one-eighth. So I’ve lined up that top left corner, four and one-eighth punched. And then use that bottom
score line on the right with the bone filter
that comes with the tool. I’ll rotate that, line up my
score line that I’ve just added with that far left point on the punch. It also has a groove
line where the score line kind of settles into it. I’ll punch that and
then another score line. So I’m gonna do this two more times as I rotate this watercolor
paper to the left or counterclockwise. And I’m making sure that
that score line that I have, when it rotates to the left, it falls right into that groove. So after I have all four
sides scored and punched, that gives me a perfectly
sized five by seven envelope. Now, this is actually a little bit larger than a regular five by seven envelope. But it does accommodate
a five by seven card. So it’s the perfect size. So I’m pulling up those flaps just so I can get an idea of
what this envelope looks like. And then I place it inside a
Misti Stamp positioning tool. I’m going to position this
large Jack-O-Lantern stamp sort of at a diagonal coming in from the left side of the envelope. I want this Jack-O-Lantern to be kind of bleeding off
the edge of that corner. And it’ll just give it a little bit more of a dynamic look on the envelope. Using some VersaFine Onyx black ink, which is a pigment ink, and I ended up stamping
this a couple of times. The watercolor paper, even though it’s not super
thick and super textured, it does still have a little
bit of texture on it. And it just wasn’t picking up the line of the stamp quite as well. So I did end up adding some
additional ink onto that stamp and then stamping it one more time. And that gave me a really
nice crisp impression. And I was able to move on. I decided to go ahead
and coat this black ink with clear embossing powder. So I’m going to sprinkle on some embossing powder from Ranger. And the clear embossing powder is going to give a little bit of a barrier from when I start painting. And it’s just going to help guide the paint into all of those little areas. Sprinkling on that clear embossing powder and then shaking off the excess. And then I took a heat
tool to this entire piece. And this is going to smooth and melt all of that clear embossing powder. And it also really
intensifies the black color of that ink that’s underneath. It makes it really intense and inky and very, very black. I think it looks really amazing. I don’t know why I don’t do this often, but I really love putting
clear embossing powder over black ink. And now with some black card stock, this is licorice Swiss card stock. And I’ve cut it to be five and a half by seven and a half, so larger than a five by seven card. And that’s so that I
can trim it down later to the perfect size. So I’m going to be doing
some paint embossing on the black card stock. So I’m prepping it with an
anti-static powder tool. This powder tool just takes
away any of the static cling that might cause the embossing powder to stick to areas where I don’t want it. I then stamped the
Jack-O-Lantern in VersaMark ink. And I walked my fingers
over that large stamp to make sure I got a
really good impression. I then took my card stock piece here, and I sprinkled on some
alabaster embossing powder from Brutus Monroe. This is a very finely milled,
detailed embossing powder. It’s great for images like this. And I shook off the excess and then hit it with my heat tool until it was smooth and melted. I’m going to do some colored
pencils on my card here. I’m gonna actually speed up
the coloring process here, but I will talk you
through a little bit of it just so you have an idea of
how I did all my coloring. So I started out by adding some white to areas where I wanted
it to be the most light. And then I came in with kind
of a brighter yellow orange. And I colored over the entire pumpkin with this orange shade. I then brought in an even darker orange. And I added that to kind
of around the line areas where I wanted there to be
a little bit more color. And also the interior pieces
on the mouth and eyes. I brought in some more white just to intensify the bright areas. And then I went over
all of the white areas with the darker orange shade once again. That just takes away some
of that really white cast that it leaves. I took a bright yellow and
filled in the interior areas on the eyes and the mouth and the nose. This just makes it look
like there’s a candle inside the Jack-O-Lantern and it’s glowing from within. So now I’m going to take some green shades and color in the leaves. And then a brown on that stem. I’m gonna coat that with
a little bit of green. And then I took that same brown shade and added kind of like a ground, like a dirt ground underneath the pumpkin. I took a number 10 Gelly Roll white pen, a nice thick lined pen. And it added some stars. It could be a snowy white. If you have snow in your
forecast on Halloween, but I really was going for
more a night time sky for this. So then I took the A7 Layer
Dies from WaffleFlower. And I grabbed one of the larger ones. I think this is the third
from the largest size and I positioned that on my piece here and just used a little bit of washi tape to hold that down while I ran it through my Gemini Die cutting machine. I have a white card base
here that’s five by seven. And I use some foam adhesive to put my colored piece directly on to the front of the card base. So the last thing to do for this card is to add a greeting. So I’m going to grab
some lavender card stock from Simon Says Stamp. And I use the Happy
Halloween greeting stamp from that stamp set. And I’m going to heat emboss it. I’m gonna use that anti-static powder tool to prep the card stock. And then I used a VersaMark
ink for the stamping of the actual greeting. So I’m gonna stamp that down. And then I’m going to
take out the card stock and sprinkle on some more
white embossing powder. Like I mentioned before, this is Alabaster embossing
powder from Brutus Monroe. I tapped off the excess and then used my heat tool to heat set this until it was smooth and melted. I used my scissors to trim this down into two separate pieces. And then I decided that that
lavender card stock shade wasn’t quite as an intense as it want it. So it took some wilted violet to distress ink and an ink blending tool and just added more of this purple shade right over the top. The embossing powder is slick and so it doesn’t grab on to the ink. It kind of repels it. So it looks perfect and I just have a more intense purple card stock. I used some foam adhesive on the back and I just adhered directly
on to the front of the card, kind of at a skewed angle on these, so it looks a little bit
more playful for Halloween. And that’s going to
finish that first card. I’m gonna go back to the
watercolor envelope now. And I’m gonna be using
some Mijello Mission Gold watercolor paints today. This is my big palette
that I really, really love. And I’m going to do a
little bit of prep work before we get into the painting. I got some drawing gum here. This is a liquid masking fluid. And I’m going to protect the areas around the very edges of the pumpkin and also the stem and leaves. I’m going to be adding a
pretty intense background. And I knew it would just
be a whole lot easier to paint this background quickly and if I didn’t have to
worry about being very fussy around the pumpkin itself. So this is going to really help me make sure I get a nice
clean edge on all of this. So I let that drawing gum completely dry. And then I brought in some clean water. So, I’m going to be creating kind of a little more intense
moody Halloween background. And originally I was
just going to have it be some purples to like a purple violet to a pink and a blue shade. And the more I started painting, the more I really wanted to make this look like a very moody
nighttime sky or a galaxy. And I’ve shown this technique
multiple times over the years. This is my favorite way to do it where you do a very
colorful underpainting. And you dry that. And then you come in with
black paint over the top. And you kind of water down
your brush a little bit, really spread out that black paint. Kind of paint in kind
of cloud-like texture as you go around this entire area. And then you’re going to take a heat tool and dry it once again
or just let it air dry. And then you’re left with sort of this kind of black cloud-like texture with color peeking out from underneath. To make it look like a galaxy, I’m using some white gouache paint which I’ve diluted with
a little bit of water. And then I’m flicking that off the edge of an acrylic block just so I have a little bit more control of where that splatter goes. After all of that was dry I can now remove the drawing gum. And this just peels up
from that watercolor paper. And I love this part. It doesn’t happen often
when you can kind of peel up all in one piece. But it is really satisfying
to see this part. And I love how it protects
everything underneath. I have a nice clean line on that pumpkin. And I really think it was worth the extra effort it took to paint on that drawing gum. So now I’m coming in with some different orange shades to paint
this Jack-O-Lantern. I started with a little bit
more of a yellow orange shade. It’s similar to how I colored the colored pencil
version of this pumpkin. So I’m bringing in kind
of a lighter orange, first layer of paint. And then while it’s
still a little bit wet, I’m bringing in a more intense orange. I’m going around those lines where I would have a
little bit more color. Similar to how I colored
it with color pencils. So I’m adding that in kind of
spreading that color around. And then I’m going to work
on the interior pieces of the pumpkin. I’m just gonna add a little bit of that yellow orange shade on those areas for the Jack-O-Lantern. And then I came in with a green shade, actually a couple green
shades, a very normal green. And then I came in with a little bit of a darker bluish teal. And just add a little more
interest on those leaves and the stem. So now I’m going to dry this
entire Jack-O-Lantern area and I’m making sure that I don’t stay in any area for a particularly long time because I don’t want to remount
the clear embossing powder that I put over the stamping. So now I’m bringing in kind of a reddish orange brown shade and mixed some brown with some orange and came up with this little bit darker shade. I’m adding those to the
darkest areas on the pumpkin just to add a little bit more interest. And I’m not making this a
really smoothly painted piece. I’m kind of taking cues from the actual stamp image itself which has a lot of like rough edges
and very sketchy lines. So, I’m letting the painting
look a little bit rough. I did paint yellow on the interior of the mouth, nose and eyes. And I also added a little bit of shading using that same brown orange shade. But you’ll see here in a minute that end up actually
painting those areas black. So I’m going to remove my piece from my hard board here. I taped it down earlier and protected the flaps on the envelope. And this is always one of
the most satisfying parts of painting with watercolors is removing the masking tape to reveal that nice clean edge. So I decided to go ahead
and fill in the eyes just so I could get a different look. On the first card with
the colored pencils, I had more of a glowing look from inside the Jack-O-Lantern. But on this one I wanted it to be black, sort of like it looks it hasn’t been lit up with a candle inside yet. So after that it was dry. Actually it was still
drying as I did this part. I was just super careful. I brought in some postage stamps. These are some Forever Stamps
from the US Postal Service and also one vintage stamp. Now I probably didn’t
need all of this postage but I chose Halloween-esque
kind of pumpkin stamps and also the Sleepy Hollow
vintage stamp here on the end. It was much more for aesthetic purposes than it was just for postage. I probably could’ve got by
with just one stamp, maybe two. But I really like the additional
element of having four. Now I realize that I would need a darker area for the address because that galaxy background was
quite busy right there. So I decided to do kind of a
very dry brush stroke technique over this area where I’m
going to have the address. So I’m just using some
black paint from my pallette and I dried that with my heat tool. And then I came in with a white gel pen. This is the same gel pen used
for the stars on the card. And while it was a really nice look I realized that with that
dark black paint underneath, it was sort of eating
away at the bright white of this Gelly Roll pen. And this is the first time I’ve ever really had a problem with using a Gelly Roll pen over black
or a dark watercolor paint. I’m not sure why this day in particular it wasn’t really as bright
white as it usually is. But because it ends up doing that, I decided to come in with some gouache with a very, very small brush. This is a size zero
Prado brush from Escoda. And I just painted over what I’d written with my white Gel pen. This is going to brighten up those letters and make sure that it’s
completely legible. And I like to do this
when I’m kind of concerned about making sure that the address is completely easily read. I wanna make sure that
there isn’t anything that might slow down the
delivery of this envelope. By the way, Dawn did give me
permission to use her address on a mailer envelope. So, thank you so much, Dawn. If you want to submit your
address for consideration on future mailer envelopes, make sure you click on the link
down the video description. You’ll fill out a giveaway
form and a mail art form. And I do have a new form every month. So that keeps the addresses up to date. So I’m now using a stamp that I made using my Silhouette Mint machine. This is a custom stamp. And then I dried that address. (clears throat) Excuse me. The last thing to do is to
put the envelope together. It’s actually not the very last. I’ve got a couple of things to do, but this is one of the last steps. I used some adhesive from Lanfam. This is a really, really
strong tape adhesive. And I put that just one the side areas of the bottom flap. And then I folded up that bottom flap and pressed it down onto the side flaps. And that adheres the envelope together. And I have my envelope assembled. So now I need to protect all
of that watercolor painting that I did earlier. So I’m going to use some Distress Glaze. And I’m using a Ranger foam
blending tool for this. If fits perfectly inside
the jar of Distress Glaze. And I’m using this to apply the Distress Glaze over the entire area. I’m going to go over all
of my watercolor painting including the address. But I am going to skip the postage stamps. That’s because this
Distress kit glaze gives a very slick surface. If you ever seen it on any
projects after it’s dry, it actually repels water, like water beads up on the surface. And so it doesn’t allow
for the Postal Service to cancel those postage stamps, so it is best to not
put the Distress Glaze over the postage stamps. After the glaze is applied, I used a clean power towel to
buff away any of the excess. And then that envelope
is completely finished. So, like I said before there is a giveaway for this video here. Since I did get to reveal all
five of the new stamp sets from Colorado Craft Company, they are giving away
five packs of the stamps to five lucky winners. So if you want to enter the giveaway to win any of these stamps, make sure you check
out the info down below in the video description
or over at my blog. And you’ll have a chance to win a pack of all of these stamps. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. Make sure you check out
the links down below so you know where you can purchase the stamps you’ve seen today as well as any other
supply that you see me use. On the screen I’ve got three more videos for you to check out. I hope you’ll click through and get a little bit more
card inspiration today. And thank you so much for watching. Please give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And I will see you very
soon for another card video. Thanks for watching,
I’ll see you next time.


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