Himes Tours Center for Contemporary Printmaking

art is truly an equalizer it is truly democratic people from the wealthiest to the poorest are creative people Congressman Jim Himes got a first-hand look at what goes into printmaking during his tour of the Center for Contemporary printmaking in Norwalk Thursday afternoon I always try to highlight these little jewels that are scattered around Fairfield County you know whether it’s the Bruce museum or the Aldrich or the you know all over the county they’re just wonderful little artistic jewels that people might not think of to visit but you come and spend 45 minutes here you’ll really be enriched you’ll be amazed by the amount of art that is being produced here and Emma and shown here in Fairfield County recently the nonprofit received several grants from the state like Connecticut endowment and the arts catalyzed placemaking grant as well we just got a quick grant from Connecticut humanities a quick grant from Connecticut humanities is funding our lecture series with the WPA jobs exhibition that we have up now we need to remember the importance of art you know for a lot of kids it is what props creativity is what makes us a more humane society so I try to highlight the importance of you know making sure that we don’t necessarily make the easy cuts funding for the Arts is a real way for Connecticut to say we value the arts we value what you do and not only for creative talents but for the educational side of it WPA jobs is currently on display at the Center for Contemporary printmaking until May 23rd reporting in Norwalk I’m Corey Burke rafi for it’s relevant news

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