Hockney, Printmaker Trailer

our next exhibition is Hockney printmaker it starts on the 5th of February this follows on from our very successful Whistler and the tens show Whistler was a great print maker and that has been one of the great revelations of that show but Hockney too is one of the very greatest print makers of the 20th century and it’s his prints that very often get overlooked we all know him as a painter of course the show is curated by Richard Lloyd who is the head of prints and multiples at Christie’s New York I first discovered Hockney’s prints really very young in fact with the publication of the Grimm’s fairy tales illustrations I think many people may have discovered Hockney that way they were wonderful prints they were clearly informed by a knowledge of art history some of them referenced Leonardo and Bosch people like that they had technical virtuosity they were surprising they were a revelation to me and ever since then I’ve hoped to do a show on Papi’s prints the thing that surprises me again and again is the virtuosity involved Hockney of course is a famous experimenter someone who experiments in all sorts of media whether it be computer generation whether it be iPads images whether it be ordinary paintings is always stretching the boundaries and nowhere more so than in his prints and just to see the sheer variety of work that he’s done over 60 years is a very good reason to come and see this show on view we’ll be examples from his entire graphic career things from The Rake’s progress his very first series and the Grimm series but also the later Hollywood collection glamorous images from his Los Angeles years it’s 60 years now an astonishing day but it’s 60 years since Hawk sneezed Hockney’s very first print which was perhaps appropriately a self-portrait the young hot knee before the blonde rinse before the stripy ties before those spectacles he’s modeling himself on another great maverick of British art Stanley Spencer come and see that print and all of those extraordinary things that he has done since the show will be hugely popular book online in advance if I were you

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