How Miss Hein is Taking the New Orleans Art Scene by Storm

– The work that I do
is based off of a quote that I got about ten years
ago on a magnet and it says a quarter of the genes found in bananas are also found in humans,
get the f**k over yourself. My name is Danielle Elizabeth Hein. I go by Miss Hein on all the
wonderful social platforms. So, lost my job recently
because the only way to keep it was to move out of New Orleans, so I’m gonna play around
with what it feels like to be a full time artist. I really dug into what makes up people, so you’ll se a lot skulls in my work. You’ll see lips, mustaches, eyeballs. Breaking down the things that
when you put it all together makes us, you know, a human. The other part of the art is
all the costuming that I do. I try to make everything
as recycled as possible. Our thrift stores are super great. Headdresses are for sure the main thing. I think I dress to the headdress and so I wanted to see if
I could make it myself, flip a visor around, glue
a bunch of s**t to it and you know walk out your door. Everyone here is so proud
of being from New Orleans and everyone has got a little
bit of a different background and so it’s just got
tons of different things that have inspired me. My color palette in general
since I’ve moved to Louisiana has taken a huge turn. Iridescent material and
like vintage wallpaper and a lot of you know found things. More recently I actually dug
into the public art space. The whole point of why I’m creating stuff is so that I can be out there and hopefully bring a
little joy to somebody else. And so recently I just
finished my first mural, which was about a thousand squared feet. So I asked this auto body shop that is next to the yoga
studio that I teach at and I’ve been passing by
this wall for three years and I was like “Kevin if you pay for the
paint, let me paint your wall”. And he was like “yeah,
sure let’s do that”. The community that has come together to make the mural happen was incredible and like that friend helping
friend type of community that you know has kind
of lifted everybody up. That’s the space that I
wanna continue to move into. It’s like how can I leave my mark on the community that I care about so much and how can I do it in a manner that it’s accessible for everybody? And then you can use art
to talk about things. You can talk about things
that we don’t wanna talk about because they’re uncomfortable. I’m not coming to the
community with an answer, but I certainly wanna come to
the community with something that’s gonna make them
question why things are. I just landed an artist residency, which I’m super pumped about. It’s with seven other
artists in New Orleans. All from different backgrounds. All in different disciplines. Really excited to work with them and then a s**t ton more public art. Like as much public art
as people will let me. Like if you have a wall, give it to me. You know and maybe buy me a
beer every once in awhile. And then we’ll see how long
I can get my rent paid for and go from there. (laughs)

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