How to Accurately Photograph Your Artwork- Lesson 1 Lighting

and now you’ve decided your artwork you want to have the you know reproduce digitally there’s two ways to do it you can have scanning or you can photograph it photographing it is the is one of the easiest ways to do it because everybody has the camera scanning is probably the most accurate I love to have to be scanned the thing is unless you paint you know an 8 by 10 science painting you’re not going to get a flatbed scanner that’s affordable and it’s easy to use the really big ones cost a lot of money so more people have a good camera which is gonna be able to take pictures of it and they do it with flatbed scanner so that’s why in this tutorial I’m going to teach you guys how to photograph your artwork and have the colors accurately reproduced isn’t what a clear batik of a giraffe that I created a couple weeks ago and we’re going to photograph this we’re talking about getting the correct color now I’m photographing this in my studio this is a combination tungsten and fluorescent lights so it’s going to look terrible if I don’t do impressions on top of it the first thing I want to talk about though is just getting even lighting on the piece so this isn’t too difficult to photograph because it’s not very reflective but I have to make sure it’s even lighting on all the four corners I’m going to talk about that at first if you take this off you’ll see that I’ve got tape in the four corners Michael when I set up my things they want to make this as easy as possible for you to dude without the minimal equipment also but you have to get even lighting on all the four corners otherwise different areas can be darker than others it’s not very produced accurately so the easiest way to check this is if you have the light there but honestly who has a light meter I mean I do maybe 500 500 other people do and if you click on this you want the numbers to stay the same now this did not stay the same and all the four corners and sometimes it’s because of the way I’m holding it but it seems to be darker at the bottom I’m going from two second or fourth of a second to half a second so they don’t face it the difficulty of well the bottom is darker than the top so what can I do about that there are several ways to get more light to the bottom of it without adding additional lights the easiest way in the cheapest way especially if you’re an artist is just use pieces of foam core now I’m going to take this piece of foam core my goal is to bounce more light to the bottom than the top which will hopefully go out the bottom the top and so I mean this is just super makeshift and again we’re trying to make this as easy as possible just can take this piece of foam core put something underneath it pulse it up and bouncing a flame up onto the top of here I’m going to check the numbers again now that we’re all 4 and 11 which is f-stop 11 and 1/4 of a second now we have even lighting now if you don’t have a light meter because again no one does so the way you can do this otherwise is if you take a camera it comes to any camera if you have to put it on either the sports setting landscape shutter speed or aperture so one of the numbers has to stay the same and what you do is you take the camera and you just focus on the four corners and as you know and push hunker down to focus and as long as the numbers stay the same both numbers that have mature in shutter speed then you have even lighting and that’s probably the easiest way for anybody to check at home it doesn’t have to be a DSLR where you can take the lens out if you just do just a normal chip camera if you just have to make sure that the numbers stay the same then you have even lighting now there’s another way you can do you can check you can bounce parlay also so if you don’t have foam core and if you do have like expensive diffusers and things you can also the defuser one of these this is a great way to bounce more light on things all right let me tell you I’m never gonna make fun of people in traction again because that was the worst two weeks of my life you can check out more of my work at our Fox photo comm or on my Etsy shop at our Fox watercolors thanks a lot happy painting

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