HOW TO | Change To 2D Artwork on AutoBleem 0.6 Beta!

hey guys today’s video is just a nice short and sweet one I’m just gonna show you guys how to switch back to 2d artwork on your paddle blim 20.6 beta release build this is Steve from rest al Gillette’s get started alright guys a couple days ago I put out the video on auto blame 0.6 the beta release and when I had done the install I’d noticed that none of the artwork had changed from 3d to 2d for the game art and I had thought that was because the database had not been updated yet I did find that they were actually updated and I needed to do an additional step in order to make them go from 3d to 2d so the purpose of this video is just to show you guys what you need to do to convert it back from 3d art work down to 2d artwork if you are loading up a new game and you run the database it will show up as 2d artwork but if you had games and you are upgrading from 0.5 point 1 or 0.5 to 0.6 you are gonna end up with with the 3d artwork that was previously on your last build so I’m gonna show you guys really quickly how to change that so what we need to do is we need to pop our USB drive into our computer and I’m gonna go ahead and open it right now so here it is you’re gonna go into your games folder and for every single game that you’ve got the reason why the 3d artwork was still there is because you had previously configured and you had scanned the games on the previous version which which downloaded the artwork and assigned it to each game so what you need to do is you need to go into each game you need to find the PNG file and you just need to delete it and that’s all you need to do and you just do that for all of your games you go into the next one you find your PNG file you delete it and you remove it and you do the same thing with the next one again and you just have to do that for all of your games so sorry I’m just going to delete this one here and you just have to do that with every single one of your games now it’s a little bit tedious it’s a little bit cumbersome but that’s the only way to do it right now or you can just delete all your games and reload them on and that’s another option as well but I’m gonna go ahead and delete everything I’m just gonna skip it and I’m going to right into the police station classic so you guys can see that all right guys so here we are we’ve loaded up our auto bleem to the boot menu and as you can see it’s not asking us or prompting us to scan our USB Drive because nothing’s changed in terms of the game structure all the games have not changed we haven’t added any we haven’t removed any the game I and I configurations are still all in their own folders what happened was we removed of the PNG file so as far as Auto bleem can tell right now everything is still the same but if we were to load up Auto bleem right now the images would not display you’d end up with an error image that would show saying that the image was not located so what we need to do before we can go ahead and actually see the 2d artwork as we need to actually rescan so we need to press the X key on our controller which I’ll do right now and this doesn’t take long at all I’ve got almost 70 games on here and it updates really quickly so as you can see it’s now already finished and what we can do now is we can press the start button to enter into auto blooms so we can see all of the artwork now and there it is so now you guys can see all the 2d artwork is now displaying which happens to look a lot better alongside the the pre built-in software the pre built-in games with the 2d artwork so this is the route that I personally would go I recommend this route just because it does look a lot cleaner from from the carousels perspective when you’re kind of going through nothing really stands out even though all the games that you’ve added have the PlayStation emblem along the side of the artwork because it’s an actual screenshot of the the cover art and the pre built-in games have cropped that out it still doesn’t really stand out that much when you’re kind of shooting through you don’t really notice that so I definitely think this is the way to go the artwork looks cleaner the display looks nicer so this is this is the way that I would suggest it but that’s pretty much it I don’t have anything else for you in this video that’s just quickly how to change your 3d artwork back to 2d artwork so thank you guys very much for watching make sure to give the video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and I’ll talk to you guys again real soon [Music]

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